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Garmin eTrex Venture HC Personal Navigator

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I bought my husband a Garmin eTrex Venture HC 2.1in. Handheld GPS Receiver for his Birthday last Summer, thinking it would be easy for him to use and make his hiking out in the woods a little easier to come back from. I thought that he would be able to pick this unit up and go, I was wrong about that!!!!!  You have to program where you want to go before it will show you, or at least that is what it portrait it self to be. I later have learned that going to the place is as easy as scrolling through and getting map and making a mark in that spot and then telling it to go from this place to that place is easier.  I would recommend that any new beginner that wants a GPS, get this, only if you have internet connections to get maps, or download maps to this unit from any personal computer. It is very light weight and portable, easy to see the screen with the light up back screen that is easily accessed.  Downfall would be not much room for memory, but another plus side, it is waterproof and has waypoint averaging.  Great satellite reception, but have not yet used in wooded area to see how accurate it it there. 

Lakeside, OR


Great for the woods and water


I bought this product from amazon. It locks onto satelites easily, even indoors, it usually has no less than seven to eight satelites, even in the deepest woods that i hunt. This is my first GPS unit and I am impressed, it has a color screen, power cord, lightweight, and easy to navigate with, operates on 2 AA batteries and has an included lanyard. There is not much detail on the base map but im sure that's to sell the topo maps online. I do wish that i spent a little more money and went with the unit that has a slot for the SD cards, but they are easy to download with the cable. It does show all major highways in the area. I use it for hunting, hiking, and fishing. Waypoints are very easy to set, and with the enclosed software can be renamed. I especially like the Points of Interest (POI), you can download custom POI files to find anything you might need on the trip, like restaurants or for me , boat ramps. Looking forward to using this unit on my kayak to mark some fishing spots this summer.

Marianna, FL


Garmin eTrex Venture HC Personal Navigator

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