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Portable Car GPS
Garmin StreetPilot c580 Portable GPS Navigator

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This GPS was going strong year after year until one day trip, the tip end of the plug became unscrewed (the part that plugs into the lighter. Nope, dont no the names of these plug parts). I'd noticed it was prone to coming unscrewed but I'd screw it back and kinda ignore it. Then. one day. It happened. I pulled it out and the tip STAYED IN THE LIGHTER. While we did not all blow up, it did blow the fuse to all the lights in my dash. Thankfully it wasn't dark yet (only dusk) and there was an Autoparts place in the vicinity. We replaced the fuse and all was well... except for my Garmin. It never turned on after that. Rather than have it "fixed" for a premium price (no guarantees either) I decided to buy a new one. Garmin nuvi 40. I do prefer the flat screen to the c580's hulking "old school" monitor style. Granted, theres nothing wrong with it. I used to like to cradle it in the cupholder. But the flatscreen fits in my purse so now I can take it with me without worrying about theft. No one's taking my purse without a massive fight. So do I recommend Garmin c580? Yes. It was a great product. But shop around. You might like something else better... Processing Speed I never had trouble with processing. It wasn't instantaneous but thats to be expected with satellites on personal devices! Map Quality & Accuracy This one was accurate for us. We only had a couple hiccups on certain "confusing" roadways and small roads. Ease of Use The easiest GPS I've used. I haven't used many but this was the easiest of the ones I have used. TOP NOTCH.



Very cool!


Purchased this for my boyfriend after he expressed a desire for one. I recognized his need for one months before. I researched online at Consumer Reports and decided to go with one of their top 4 recommended GPS devices. Te one I really liked was unavailable in a price range that I was comfortable with. Luckily, the c580 is wonderful! I don't know if he's using it on a daily basis yet, but I have heard no complaints at all. We used it to find a casino (which we've actually been to before) but just wanted to see how it worked. It was great! The only thing that struck us a funny was that it pronounced some of the streets wrong. For instance, it pronounced Eureka as "you reek". Made me wonder if the people at Garmin were just having some fun. Great product and I got a great price on it at (about 200 under msrp.) 

Pleasant Hill, CA


Won't leave home without it!


I do a lot of traveling in my car and the Garmin has saved me many times, lost on back roads especially.  I have never had a problem with reception or poor directions.  I don't leave home without it!

Highland Park, NJ


No live updates


Hello friends,The street pilot is small and sleek but it comes with a major disadvantage in that it does not give you live traffic and weather updates like the streetpilot c550.So weigh your options. It is definitely smaal ans sleek though.Other than that the features are pretty similar. Also if you want an AC adapter as your charger you might wanna reconsider

Hagerstown, MD


Garmin StreetPilot c580 Portable GPS Navigator

4.0 4