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Top Load Washers
GE WBSR3000GWS Top Load Washer

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Ruined my clothes


This machine was purchased to get the job done. We don't need bells and whistles, lights, and sirens. Just a washing machine that gets our clothes clean. We picked this model and were comfortable with our choice. GE seems to have a long standing national brand name that we felt stood for quality. Within 2 years of ownership, the motor gasket cracked on it. This was unbenounced to us until we began noticing black spots on all of our laundry, including our then unborn child's brand new ENTIRE wardrobe! Upon further research, we have been told that GE is a good brand for appliances, just not washing machines, as they use PLASTIC parts in/on their motors! This plastic is not designed to last and repairing the machine would cost nearly as much as our initial purchase price! Even with a warranty, buyers are likely to face the headache and additional costs of of replacing their clothes. I would not buy it or any GE washer again.



GE Top Load Washer


This washer serves it's purpose. It's quiet and cleans our laundry, even the dirtiest laundry as I have a 12 year old boy who is very rough on clothing! I would recommend this washer to anyone with a family and living on a budget.



GE WBSR3000GWS Top Load Washer

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