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Top Load Washers
GE Top Load Washer

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Just got the washing maching and am loving it!


It has many different settings available for various clothing types and even pillows. The washing machine also has various settings for extra rinses, soaks or spins. The inside size of the washing machine is enormous and can fit many clothes, great for a big family like mine. Energy Efficiency The efficiency tag on the machine when bought suggested a very good rating. At this time I am not really sure considering my family just purchased this product within the last month and I have yet seen my new utility bill. Cleaning Time This is somewhat slow based on our last washer and even slower when you add extra soaks and rinses. I just did a load (lights) of my children's clothing last night with a soak period and an extra rinse and it took approximately 90 minutes to complete. Performance So far it seems that the washing machine is performing as advertised. All my families clothes seem to be getting clean and the spin cycle really dries out the clothing for the drying. Ease of Use Very easy to use and extremely intuitive for anybody that uses modern technology. I enjoy that a lot of the electronics are replaced by an old fashion dial and that other aspects can be adjusted via a push of a button (spin, water temperature and soil amount). Design Love the simplicity of the design for the above reasons. Very basic but with modern advancements. Durability Not really sure about this one yet, as stated in the "Energy Efficiency" section I have not even has this washer for an entire month.



GE Top Load Washer

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