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GE Top-Freezer Commercial Refrigerator GTH21SBXSS

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Definitely I would buy again.


I have this product for a decade now and it is still working perfectly! Totally money savers. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends!

McHenry, IL




I love this refrigerator! It has so much space and is quite. Will buy another when mine dies. I love how much space there is to store all of my food not only in the refrigerator but also in the freezer. I have had other combination devices, but none compare to the GE Top freezer :) Noise Level There is hardly any noise at all. It runs so quietly. You can hardly tell when it is on and running! Interior Organization Love the way the shelving lays and that there is no glass to clean. The only thing I wish I could change was the drawers being solid white. I would actually like to have clear drawers in my fridge so I know what is in them. Temperature Control The control is very easy to use. It is in a spot that it does not get bumped and turned accidentally. It turns with a simple touch yet a simple bump won't turn it. Ease of Cleaning This fridge is VERY easy to clean and keep clean. Durability This fridge doesn't get dents and dings really easy. It is perfect for a family. Design It is a great design. The only thing I would change is the drawers.



poor quality with lack of customer service support


After 30 years of being a loyal GE customer I will never purchase another GE product. Due to various and multiple issues GE replaced my fridge 3 times. The unit is loud, loud and loud. There were also multiple gasket issues allowing outside air to leak into the freezer causing excessive ice buildup and outside air into the fridge causing excessive running and fresh food freezing. The rear fridge cover would not fit onto the rear panel after the ice maker tubes were installed so I ended up cutting the rear panel to allow it to fit. Noise Level Very loud running motor Temperature Control Frost in the freezer and items in the food freezing Durability Over a 3 week period my NEW fridge was repalced 3 times without final resolution to all Design I rtated as poor design due to the many quality issues I have 12 word doc pages documenting all of my issues including lack of ge customer support interest to which they are not interested in reviewing.



Nice fridge for the price!


I've had this fridge for 2 months now and it is very nice for the fact that it isn't very expensive. I got it one sale which was nice but even without it being on sale it's a nice cheaper fridge especially for a small apartment or if you are just starting out and don't looking for good quality appliances that don't break the bank. The draws of the fridge are a bit flimsy but the plexiglass shelves are very strong and nice and easy to clean which for me is always a plus being a housewife!!!!

Dunnellon, FL


GE Top-Freezer Commercial Refrigerator GTH21SBXSS

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