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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator GSHS9NGYSS

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GE side by side refrigerator


Overall it is a good refrigerator, however, constant problems with the ice-maker. We had to have the repairman come out ,and he said this is very common. If you entertain be prepared to buy ice. Noise Level Very quiet, except on the few occasions it does make ice. Interior Organization Lots of shelf space. Temperature Control No problems with getting the right temperature. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean and keep clean. Durability Again the ice-maker, and buttons don't last long. They show wear after a couple years. Design Nice modern design.



Not the best on the market


Ever since we bought this we have had trouble with the ice maker. I eventually just shut the ice maker off for good because it's more trouble then what it's worth. Also the temperature tends to change all the time and it's not from having the doors open. I'll look at the temp in the morning sometimes and the freezer is soposed to be on zero but it's 20 degrees and the fridge part might be running hotter or colder then it should. I stopped putting gallon jugs of milk towards the back of the top shelf because if I do they freeze solid even though it's set on 37 degrees. If I had it to do all over again I would of never bought this fridge . It has too many problems and costs too much to have to deal with all of that. I would not recommend this to anyone looking to buy a new fridge. It's pretty quiet and it has a lot of shelves for organization but the temperature problems to me cancel out any good things that this fridge may offer. To me the overall design is poor. Temperature Control Terrible.



GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator GSHS9NGYSS

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