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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
GE Profile Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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Mine is defective.


My mom has had a GE refrigerator for a while with no problems, so when it came time for me to get a refrigerator there was no questoin: I was getting a GE. First off - the computer was broken in the fridge for a while. It did not regulate temperature well. I called them up (i realized it after about a year... I know very very late!) and they came to change the computer. Note: I have a 5 year warantee so all the repairs are covered at no cost to me. After they changed the compute the fridge was working fine.. until the next day when it started making a lot of noise. I let this go on for about a month and then I called again. This time the guy came he told me that its working fine and that the noise is "normal" ... it definitely IS NOT! He didn't do anything and I plan on calling them back. Maybe my gripe is more with  their service than the refrigerator, but I feel that this fridge has been nothing but problematic since day 1...

Astoria, NY


The refrigerator's pull-out bottom freezer is so convenient


This refrigerator model is one of the smallest and most compact full size units on the market, and is ideal for homeowners looking to update smaller kitchens with the classic elegance of a stainless steel appliance of beautiful design.  Perfect for the tiny kitchens of pre-war houses like mine, it seems to be shallower than other models, and doesn't protrude as far into the work triangle, yet it's roomy interior belies its petite profile. But the best part about it is the pull-out freezer located at the bottom--so convenient, and easy to see and reach everything inside. The wire freezer tray that slides is pure genius, and will be a revelation to anyone who has ever struggled to find something at the back of an old-fashioned top mounted freezer with a swinging door. The inside shelves of the refrigerator have almost limitless adjustment options making it easy to customize the arrangement to store various kinds of foods and beverages, and the door also features multiple positions for the four generous trays, whose sides are plenty deep enough to insure that even large bottles won't tip over the edges and fall out if the door swings open quickly.  A very handy feature is the can storage rack that slopes slightly forward so the next can rolls gently into place when one is removed.  The stainless steel is very easy to wipe clean, and the handles are clean looking and smooth, with no ridges or angles that can trap grime.  I love the two deep vegetable drawers, each with its own temperature control, and it helps that they are very easy to remove to wash.  The drawers slide back in easily too, without the need to rock them about and wiggle them too much to get them back on track. The refrigerator is not the quietest, however, and the gasket on the bottom freezer drawer doesn't provide as tight a seal as it might.   This lack of a perfect seal has caused the freezer on my unit to have a tendency to freeze up with ice on occasion and caused the drawer to stick shut.  My refrigerator is now about 10 years old, and looks somewhat boxy compared to the more organic designs that are being featured now, but it's still modern and classic-looking, and fits in beautifully with newer stainless steel appliances that were acquired more recently.

Stamford, CT


GE Profile Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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