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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
GE Profile Arctica Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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Don't do it. Product sucks


Started failing within months of buying it. Both freezer and fridge have given out several times. Water dispenser fails like clock work because of a design flaw. Service representatives are close to useless when it comes to fixing the water dispenser.

Brooklyn, New York


Not the Best Out There


I was hoping that I would find a refrigerator that would last me a good couple of years, and I decided to buy this one. I was extremely disappointed when this refrigerator only lasted for about six months. It stopped giving off cold air after that, and due to the amount of money I spent, I felt that it was better to buy a new refrigerator rather than continue spending money to repair and use this one. It has also made some weird sounds occasionally, such as every couple of days, it would give off a sound that seemed like a motorcycle taking off. Also, the water and ice dispenser stopped working after a couple of months as well. The dispenser for water ended up freezing over, and so the water could not be dispensed. Overall, I wouldn't really recommend this product to anyone... Although some other GE products are pretty good, this one is a no-no. Ease of Cleaning It was easy to clean, but that doesn't pardon all the other faults this refrigerator has.





We built a new custom home in 2009, big kitchen with Viking range, meli and fisher payel dishwashers. Two refrigerators a Sub ZERO and a GE (good enough) artica profile. One advantium quartz, microwave, paper weight oven. Our profile refrigerator quit three weeks after installation. On the first service call the repair person looked up the serial number, Informed me the mother board had been recalled, the ice maker should have been swapped out before delivery. Seven service calls later, we swapped out the (good enough) for a Sub zero. The advantium was replaced twice, the third and last one is now our morning news paper box on a busy highway. We will live out of a Coleman Ice chest AND cook on an open fire before we ever buy Good enough again.

Fredericksburg, VA


Had less than a year and already falling apart - terrible!!!


Bought the counter depth GE Arctica less than a year ago and it's already falling apart.  The buttons on the ice/water feature are cracked; the rubber gasket that goes around where the water/ice comes out fell off, the little clips breaking so you can't put it back on; the light covers in the freezer constantly fall off and the bottom drawer in the refrigerator broke and it held together with duct tape.  I had never had a side-by-side and paid extra to get counter depth.  Can't even begin to tell you how I regret my decision.  The refrigerator/freezer are WAY TO SMALL!!  Thankfully I kept my old refrigerator to store larger things in as this holds NOTHING!  I will never buy a side-by-side again and would not be in any hurry to buy a GE appliance again.  Very disappointed in this product.

Wilmington, DE


Do not buy a GE Profile Arctica


We purchased a new GE Profile  Arctica side by side refrigerator Model PSC23PSTA SS on September 8th 2009 . The unit stopped working near the end of October, after 50 days of use. GE sent out a repair person in 24 hour, great service I thought. He replaced the Mother Board and left saying that should do it. No cold air still. Since I am in a resort area, I learned they only come Tuesdays and Thursdays. I got lucky the first time and called on Wednesday. They came back out the following Tuesday and replaced the compressor and inverter. The refrigerator worked fine again until December 28th 2009. About 60 days since it was repaired, again no cold air. I would not recommend this model to anyone! Nice features, but not worth the money since it is broken all the time.

Ocean City, MD


Don't buy GE Profile Arctica.


I have owned a GE Profile Artica side by side refridgerator for over seven years now.  The thing was fairly expensive (which is the only reason I haven't replaced it yet) and has never worked correctly. The GE Profile Artica is not a good choice.  We have had nothing but trouble with ours. First, the gasket around both the refriderator and freezer doors failed and had to be replaced.  Neither would shut and hold properly.  Second, the control panel facing popped off the freezer door.  Third, the insilation around the water line was faulty so the cooling unit would freeze and thaw the water line about once a week.  Fourth, a little vent cover in the fridge failed (the result was frozen food in the refridgerated compartment).  Now, there is some kind of blue mystery fluid in my freezer, and the gaskets are failing again... In addition, during the time the fridge was under warrantly, GE customer service did nothing but inhibit my efforts at getting my refridgerator repaired.  I have been forced to call GE repeatedly, litterally investing well over 20 hours on the phone with GE customer service, only to be told each and every time that there was absolutely no record of any previous calls.  This is even after a GE certified repair person had already made some of the repairs (ordered by customer service) to my refridgerator.  There were so many problems the service tech had to come out everyday for a week.  I had to be home to meet him.  The whole experience was just awful. I will never buy another GE product ever again.  

Stillwater, OK


Outstanding Refrigerator looks good and runs well.


We chose this refrigerator to match our other appliances, which the builder offered.  We like the Profile series since they are solid and good looking while being relatively reasonably priced.  The roominess is fine, but sometimes we could use more freezer space.  The shelves have a lip that catches any spills but allows adjustability to accommodate any sized platter or foodstuff.  The stainless doors are sometimes hard to clean, but looks handsome in the kitchen.  The extra drawer allows vegetable or meat overflow although we have not used the quick cool function.  A winner of a refrigerator.

Ann Arbor, MI


GE Profile Arctica Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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