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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
GE GSH22JFTSS (22 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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This refrigerator is the best refrigerator my family has had.


GE has done it again. They have made another great refrigerator. This refrigerator has everything you could ever need. It includes in-door ice and water dispenser, water filter, and temperature adjustment. Noise Level This refrigerator makes no noise at all. Interior Organization This refrigerator will help you keep all of your small to medium-sized items organized. Temperature Control It is easy to adjust the temperature to the way you like it. Ease of Cleaning This refrigerator is relatively easy to clean. My family hasn't found the need to clean it yet, but the material used to make the shelves seem pretty easy to clean. Durability This refrigerator is very durable. The shelves never fall and they will keep your items in one place at all times. Design I really like the design. It is stainless steel. It is easy to find everything and all the functions you need to use.



Compact and very durable


This refrigerator is very durable,spacious in the refrigerator side and not enough space in freezer. Shelves are ok but much better if they include smaller ones . Noise Level This one is not noisy at all even when the ice maker is running it doesn't make any loud noise. Interior Organization Interior design needs improvement. To make it more organize and spacious, they should have include small shelves and dividers inside the refrigerator and inside the freezer for easy organizing of stuffs. Temperature Control Temperature is easy to control and remains cool as it is suppose to be. Ease of Cleaning Shelves, dividers are easy to clean except when something leaked and went all the way through the corners and it is hard to reach. You have to remove the shelves and drawers in order for you to clean this up. Durability Very durable refrigerator. Ours still looks new. And I think it depends on the owner how they take care of their appliances. How often they clean makes a big difference. Design Make the freezer a little spacious inside that we can stick in some frozen foods from club member purchases. The refrigerator needs more shelving and drawers to maximize the unused spaces.

Houston, TX


GE GSH22JFTSS (22 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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