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GE GMR02BAN (1.7 cu. ft.) Compact Refrigerator

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Too Compact For Me


The GE Compact GMR02BAN Refrigerator was the first mini fridge I have ever owned. I moved in with my mother short term years ago and as uncomfortable as it was living there, I didn't have easy access to the kitchen to grab a quick bite to eat, or if I needed something to drink. At that time this compact fridge was the perfect size, and it was inexpensive. I kept it in my bedroom where it fit snug underneath a desk. The size is very small, I used it mainly for drinks,yogurt and sandwich meat and cheese. The freezer is small, but can freeze an ice tray, but is too small for storage. Over time I started to notice that when I filled the fridge the temperature of the unit would go up, even when I lowered the setting to the coldest level. I figured out quick not to overfill the shelves. The inside of the door can be used to store taller items. It comes with a wire rack, which is sturdy. I would've liked it to have more storage area, but over all it was perfect for what I needed it for. I would only use this one as a second refrigerator. Foods that spoil if not kept really cold shouldn't be put in this one. I ended up giving it to a relative and still to this day it works. I needed a larger one since I have a family now, the GE wouldn't be a good choice for me now.



Terrible, simply terrible


I originally thought that as a GE product, I would be receiving the top of the line. I honestly didn't think that they made a bad product, but I suppose that you get what you pay for. I returned this and moved onto a bigger one from GE, which has a freezer separate from the fridge. THAT works to my expectations, THIS did not. Noise Level Was outrageously loud for the size and the temperature it produced. Our standard sized GE didn't make nearly half as much noise and its about 8 years old. Interior Organization I absolutely hated how small this thing is. There's practically nothing that fits into it, and we originally purchased it as a entertainment fridge for parties. There is no freezer to speak of. It claims to be a freezer but we only felt a difference of a few degrees. Temperature Control Didn't freeze in the freezer section at all. Not even ice. It did however form a sheet of ice on the back, shelf and bottom. Ease of Cleaning Like all fridges, there is no good way to clean this thing. On the plus side, it has a removeable shelf so you can maybe chip out the ice buildup Design Not a good fit at all. if all you plan on using it for is cans, that's fine/ It will maybe fit one two liter, maybe



GE GMR02BAN (1.7 cu. ft.) Compact Refrigerator

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