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Front Load Washers
GE Front Load Washer

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Love my GE Front Load Washing Machine!


Two and a half years ago I purchased a GE front Load Washing Machine (WCVH6600W).  In the beginning I was ready to send it back.  Little did I know that I should watch the DVD provided or have someone show me how to work it.  I thought it was like any other washing machine.  I did have the repair man out twice for it.  The first time, I washed baby cloths with overalls.  I did as the installer instructed me, and put in as much cloths as I could.  The overalls got caught and tore up the rubber boot.  Thank goodness the repair man fixed it and listed the problem as education.  I did not get charged.  The second repair was cleaning out the filter.  After consulting the manual and going online I had to call for a repair.  The same repair man came and showed me how to empty out the filter.  This time I was charged for his time to educate me.  Now that those issues are behind me I wouldn't trade the machine for anything.  I love that I only use a bottle of HE Tide once a year.  I have noticed that my water bill has dropped as well.

Huntley, IL


GE Front Load Washer

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