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GE Electric Dryer DPSB613EDWW

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GE DPSB613E Electric Dryer is great!


The GE DPSB613E Electric Dryer is great! I've read the other review and am rather confused by it. Ours has given us no problems and is worth every dime. I love its large capacity, it's even big enough to dry our queen size comforters. It's moisture sensor is great since it conserves energy and you're not over-drying your clothes. There are also many options for you to choose from, even the level of dryness you want. It's energy efficient and has helped reduce our energy bill. It's so quiet that sometimes you forget it's on. The only problem I've had is with the lint filter not coming out, but if you wipe it down, it's fine. Also sometimes the lint can end up on the door and you have to be careful to wipe that down before you take out your dried laundry. Otherwise, a great investment if you want your laundry dry and fluffy!

San Diego, CA


Eager to get a different dryer already!


We purchased this dryer 5 years ago when we moved into our new house.  I did some research and knew that I did not care if I had a front loading washer and dryer so I opted for a middle-of-the-road set.  What I ended up with was this GE Profile DPSB613 electric dryer.  I picked it because I also knew I wanted the largest capacity I could find and a stainless tub (I figured it would last better than plastic and not rust like chipped enamel can do).  This was literally one of the only stainless tub dryers.  I was wooed by the moisture sensor and the ability to be able to dry sweaters on the included drying rack (have yet to try).  Within a matter of months, I was already regretting my purchase.  The dryer takes easily 90 minutes for a full to capacity load (wasn't that the idea to be able to dry a lot?).  The moisture sensor does work for very small loads but otherwise, extends the time of a normal cycle by as much as 30 more minutes.  While it works fine, it takes far longer than any other dryer I have ever used. 

Spring, TX


GE Electric Dryer DPSB613EDWW

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