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GE Electric Dryer

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GE DBXR463 Electric Dryer has issues!


This is my third GE dryer. I swore after the second there would not be a third, but this one came brand new with the house.  This one is six years old, and only worked correctly for maybe 6 months. It does dry well, but it does not shut off.  On times dry it seems to take forever to dry, over an hour and a half, so forget about that. On the other settings it will dry quicker, but never shut off, at least not within 2 hours!  We have to be super careful when starting it and set it exactly on the asterick , less dry. It will fully dry in a little less than an hour and actuall shut off this way. This is the same problem that I had with both the prior dryers. Now a new issue with this one is when it was about 2 years old it started getting super hot. Like burn your hand hot. So now we dry everything on medium as to not damage our clothes or ourselves. I know this is a cheaper model but I am really disappointed in them. In general we love GE for the value, but when it comes to dryers stay away.  

Dover, DE


GE Electric Dryer

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