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GE 1100 Watt 1.8 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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You get what you pay for


I inherited my GE 1100 Watt 1.8 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven from a friend when I moved into my first apartment in college. Myself and 4 other people shared the microwave. I love to cook but working full time and going to school full time left little time for me to cook and I often heated leftovers or bought prepackaged frozen meals that could be tossed in the microwave and in 5 minutes I would have a relatively healthy dinner. The microwave was a little under two years old when I received it but it looked new. The microwave stayed with me for 3 years after I received it and worked well throughout the time. The title - you get what you pay for rings true for the following reasons: 1) The microwave didn't heat evenly. I would have scalding hot sections and frozen solid sections of the same plate. I would combat this by taking whatever I was heating out of the microwave every minute or two and stirring everything and sticking it back in and repeating. 2) The microwave was small. I drink a lot of tea and coffee and I have several tall mugs. Depending on the height of the mug it didn't always fit inside. Normal sized mugs will fit though, just not the tall ones. 3) If I had to heat any large containers of food it would take forever to heat up. It wasn't a very powerful microwave even on high. If you have a lot of food to heat in this microwave I recommend separating the food onto different plates or placing it in multiple containers and heating the containers separately. Overall I would recommend the purchase of this microwave. They are inexpensive so I was not expecting something that was top of the line. It was still working when I gave it to my old neighbor when her microwave broke and I purchased a better quality microwave. I liked that it came in white. So many microwaves only come in black and the white went better with the colors in my kitchen. I believe it also comes in black.

Boston, MA


perfect for small household


I love this little microwave. My husband has owned it since before we were married (almost three years ago) and it has worked like a charm the entire time. I like that it is not too big since I do not have a large kitchen and need all available counter space. It works well for our needs. We mostly use it for defrosting meat and reheating meals. The defrost setting is excellent. In my experience, it defrosts meat very evenly since it has the rotating table. It's perfect for us. The only thing I would mention is that it is rather small so if you have a large family or reheat large dishes you may want to go with a larger microwave to suit your needs. Try it for yourself! It's a great microwave for what you pay!

Cherokee Village, AR


Sharp je 160 is the slowest microwave I have ever used


This Sharp je 1830 microwave takes forever to cook a simple thing.  If you open the door when it is cooking and then close it it sparks,  I have tried to keep this stupid thing clean but things fall off when Im cleaning it.  For what this microwave can it was far too expensive.  An example of it cooking inability.  Coking a potato takes close to 15 minutes when it should only take 5 minutes at the most.  Forget any kind of frozen vegetable because it will totally dehydrate the vegatables.  Soup will boil over all the microwave.  One time when I cooked a potatoe I did everything I was susposed to do and just before the bell rang the potatoe exploded and made a horrible mess all over the interior of the microwave of the microwave.  It took too much time to clean the mess up because it stuck everywhere in the microwave.  I had to scrape all over the inside to get all the pieces of potatoe out.  Never buy one ofthese

Las Vegas, NV


has a common problem that many GE microwaves have


I Bought GE 1100 Watt JE1860 oven two monthes ago. Although I bought it from a friend, so second-hand, it worked well in the beginning. I bought the GE microwave also because I had one at work and it worked pretty well. There are buttons for popcorns and defrost... etc. I never use the popcorn button, but I thought it was cool to have that feature. I used the defrost button on a daily basis, so it's good that the microwave has it. So after two weeks I got it, one day it just no longer worked. It keeps showing error code F3 and keeps beeping. I went online and then realized that was a common problem among GE microwaves. So F3 basically means the keypad is not working. Many people online has suggested to blow the membrane with a dryer, and many people replied that the method actually worked for their microwaves. I then tried the method for so many days but it still wasn't working, so I finally decided to move on and bought another microwave. Such a bad experience in my life. This is the first time in my life that a microwave broke.

Allston, MA


whirlpool-the best of microwave ovens!


Whirlpool microwave is the best! you can save time energy and fuel! Your kids can taste the best of cakes.It is easy to handle easy to manage ....You can say so many things about it.It has a good warranty and the service is just excellent.You make call and they are there to help you. You and WHIRLPOOL can achieve the best of everything.Behind every successful mom is a Whirlpool microwave oven!That's true!

Oconee, IL


ok for limited use


i tried this but not for every day use great for a single use on special occasion or in a hurry to start your day..not a family every day use..great for single person..not enought volts for famile or every meal type use...more for quick soup or breakfast in a hurry at the last minute not for special or need quick drop in guests 

San Marcos, TX


GE 1100 Watt 1.8 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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