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GE 1000 Watt 1.6 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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I love my spacious, cool looking microwave!


When we moved here about 4 years ago we were so happy we didn't have to buy another microwave.  The last place we lived, our microwave broke during the move and we really didn't want to buy a new one.  I just like the thought of already having a microwave!  Right there, over the stove! The first thing I noticed and fell in love with, is when you push the fan or light button it says it's on, dim or off on the microwave screen.  That is so cool!  It took me a while I will admit to notice, but when I did notice I made sure to look at the screen every time I turned on the fan or light.  Without a microwave over your stove, you would not have that! The Fan is really noisy on the highest setting.  I use that when something is starting to smoke to prevent the smoke detector from blaring.  Is my cooking that bad?  The smoke detector has to go off every time I make hamburgers? lol!!!  I make sure to put it on the lowest setting if I think that I need to.  There are only two settings for the light and the fan.  You cycle through them, high, low and then off. The light is really handy.  If you already have a fan with a light you already know this.  Once the kithcen light burned out right above the counter on the right side, and the fan light was on all the time while cooking until I replaced it.  I can't really say much else, it's just super handy!  No shadows, you see everything on the stove and what you are doing in the oven area!  Once you have it, you don't know what you did without it. The space is really big.  I visited my Grandma the end of last year and put a tv dinner in her microwave.  It was so cramped I thought how can people use microwaves this small?  Then it hit me, it's not that their microwaves are small, mine is really big!  The microwave is the width of your stove, so it's really wide.  That is really all I can say without repeating myself. The actual features as far as the buttons (other then the light and fan of course) are standard.  You have a popcorn button and a defrost button etc.  It has a turning plate.  That isn't really anything to write a lot about because it's not too different. The last point is, it's so nice not having something take up counter space all the time!  I go to other people's houses and see this big microwave as a constant counter hog.  The microwave is right there, with my stove!  I have the counter beside it to make lunches, pour drinks into glasses etc. In conclusion, if you are building a house a microwave like this is a must.  I am not joking, if I moved out into another place to rent without a microwave like this it would take a lot to get used to not having it.  It's a big microwave and you save counter space.

Hermiston, OR


GE 1000 Watt 1.6 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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