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GE 10,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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GE 10,000BTU ac


I bought a 10, 000 BTU GE air conditioner more than 5 years ago so far it has not given me any problems. I don't think it cools very well though. It is also noisier than a split ac. In summers we have to use fans to circulate the cool air throughout our apartment as the ac itself does not have much cooling power to cools up all the rooms. It also uses up more electricity as compared with a split ac model. It was an unexpensive model that we purchased at our local sams club and came with a good warranty. I would not recommend this window ac to a friend who can buy a split model.

Urbana, IL


Great Value, and a smart move!


Last summer was the pretty miserable because our AC died in the house. We had central air and paid decently high monthly rates to run it. With the summer approaching this year we were going to try to tough it out, but thankfully a good friend of our dropped by with an GE window unit from Sams club. It is 10,000 btu and is programmable. It is energy star rated and can be programmed to save money. Our main living area is very open, containing our kitchen, livingroom, dining room, and playroom. We were not sure that any window unit could keep up, without always running! We were pleasantly surprised to find the unit did this and more. It kept a constant tempreture and was not freezing out the room it was in. We were happy for the relief but wondered if the running cost would be through the roof. When we recieved our bill we were actually amazed at the low bill. We thought that maybe they didn't do an actual reading! I would suggest it to anyone! 

Warren, OH


GE 10,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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