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Fromm Four-Star Chicken À La Veg Dry Dog Food

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Jake love his chicken a la veg Yoo la la


We needed to put our golden Jake on a grain free diet. We had tried three to four kinds before we came acrossed Fromm four-star chicken Ala Veg, it was a hit with our Jake. It has a great smell and just the right size pieces. It is also made in the USA that is very important to me. The price is a little high but a big bag goes a long way, and Jake really likes the taste of the chicken and veg. he never leaves any food in his dish, he licks the bowl clean. I know I'm giveing him the best food I can. Quality of Ingredients Free range chicken sweet potatoes carrots and other veg. High quality food that is so good for Jake. I feed they are using the best ingredients to help my dog live longer and stay healthy. Flavor Selection All though I know Fromm's has alot of other flavors Jake seems to like the chicken A La veg the best. Looks like they are even comming out with more flavors then when we first put Jake on this brand of dog food. Just might try some new flavors just to see if we could give him some thing new.

Neenah, WI


Fromm 4-Star Chicken a la Veg is Really 5-Stars!


I have been feeding Fromm foods to my dogs for several years now. When I first started I was parent to a female lab-samoyed and a female English Mastiff. Then we added a male English Mastiff. All three are in love with Fromm, and what's not to love...named meats (not something generic like "animal" or "poultry"; veggies; and fruits. Sprayed on probiotics aid digestion. And when you calculate the cost per meal, it really is no more expensive than the brands that claim to be premium nutrition yet are full of by-products and other sub-standard ingredients. What I also love is that Fromm is still a family-owned business (in Wisconsin) that has been making pet foods for over 100 years! And they still make their dry foods in their own plant. So you know where your food is coming from. And in all my dealings with them, they have seemed very up front and truly concerned about producing a quality product. I have even emailed with the company's president. Good for your pets and good for your wallet.

Ankeny, IA


Fromm's Chicken a la Veg - tasty chicken dinner in a bag!


Free-range chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower...sounds like Sunday dinner on a plate. But it's actually dog food. According to my dogs, Fromm's Chicken a la Veg is a very tasty meal - lower in protein than some of the other Fromm's formulas (24%) - that gets them to eat their veggies without even noticing! There are a few other things in the formula, such as oatmeal, pearl barley and millet. Plus chicken cartilage for glucosamine (good for joint health), as well as herring meal and Menhaden fish meal, which I understand is an Atlantic fish that isn't sold for human consumption, but has good amino acids. There are also blueberries and cranberries, cheese and vitamins, as well as prebiotics and probiotics to help with digestion. Although this food is more expensive than your average big pet store brand, it's much higher quality, which should help with your dog's long term health. After about 8 months, I haven't had any problems yet with this food, or with the entire Fromm's line so far.

Denver, CO


Fromm Four-Star Chicken À La Veg Dry Dog Food

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