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Friskies Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold Oceanfish & Salmon Formula for Cats (16 oz. pouch)

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my two cats are crazy about this cat food


i just love the line of fancy feast cat foods. my two cats are very finicky about almost everything from their litter to their food. i have tried many kinds of canned cat food from purina to friskies to hills science diet and the only canned food that they love is the fancy feast fish and shrimp. and the only dry food that is gentle to their stomachs is the fancy feast dry food. my cats are part tabby and siamiese. and the siamiese cats are noted for their delicate digestive systems. some of the other dry foods have large pieces in them, but the fancy feast dry food pieces are very small and delicate for the " girls " to digest. if any one out there has a cat with a delicate tummy, try the fancy feast dry food. it is worth it.!!!

Monroeville, PA


Its the Best Treat i have found for my fussy finicky cat!!


Lets start with My cat loves this! I give it to her as treats, its a little costly to feed as a regular food, As she will litterly beg me for it. She really likes her regular food which is Friskies also but all i have to say is "wanna Treat?" and she becomes Loveable ( i have a simi-mean cat). My cat turns her nose up at people food, which is a good thing, and well she doesnt  like soft cat food either, but she Loves this Gorment Gold! I give her a small palm size every morning and well at least the same in the afternoon/evening. Its good for her and she loves it. She begs for it! I recommend this to all my friends who have cats but i tell them to use it as treats. Simply cause of the cost of it. But it is worth it.

Mesa, AZ


Friskies Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold Oceanfish & Salmon Formula for Cats (16 oz. pouch)

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