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Frigidaire Freestanding Electric Range

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We love our Frigidaire Gallery Range!


We recently bought this range from HHGregg when they were running a special, and we are so glad we bought it! The smooth top cooking surface is easy to clean and the heating elements heat very quickly - they are called "fast boil" and they definitely live up to their name. We use Ceramabryte to clean the stovetop surface, and it works very well. (A free sample came with our range and we have continued to buy it because it works so well for cleaning.) The oven has a convection option, which is a definite plus if you like to bake. Cookies, muffins, brownies, and cakes have all come out evenly baked, and I like that you can place cookware on any baking rack when you use the convection option, without risk of burning! One of the bottom rack levels has an automatic pull-out feature, so the rack pulls out when you open the oven door. This is a nice feature, and I definitely use this rack most often. There is a self-cleaning feature, but we haven't used it yet. One word of warning - the oven has a hidden element in the bottom, so DO NOT line the bottom of your oven with aluminum foil because it will melt on to the bottom of the oven. We learned that the hard way.

Wilmington, NC


efficient electric range


the first thing I noticed is it heats things up quick at the lowest settings on the burners, saving energy. The oven preheats very fast too. And it looks great. The smooth top is easy to care for and keep clean without having the crumb trap pans of an old "element" burner range of yore.

Lutherville Timonium, MD


Love the smooth top


Our previous smooth top finally took a dump. It also was a frigidaire, and was awesome as well. We went and looked for a long time and decided to stick with the same brand. First of all I would never not have a smooth top, as I am one of the messiest cooks around. This stove has a dual burner function, meaning that you can use all burners but make it the smaller size. If you want to use the front two as the bigger size you can. Which is very cost effective, as you may have a need to use a small burner but only have the big one left. But since you can pick which size you want it is very mutifunctional. The oven part is neat too as it does not have any open coils. It is all built in. So spot clean up is very easy to do. The self cleaning part is "self explanatory" it rocks. I would never have a stove without it. All is all I am loving it. I did ALOT of shopping for a stove and I think I picked a real winner.   Shelly

Jefferson, WI


Frigidaire Freestanding Electric Range

4.7 3