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Frigidaire Electric Dryer FAQE7077KA / FAQE7077KB / FAQE7077KN / FAQE7077KR / FAQE7077KW

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I love it!!


*I can not say enough good things about this dryer.  I just recently purchased this set and am very happy with my decision.  This dryer has several different drying options that I like and will actually remember your favorite settings.  It is saving me money which is even  better.  The washer has a amazing spin cycle that gets the clothes wrung out so well that they don't take very long to dry. The dryer also has a sensor in it that detects when the clothes are dry and automatically shuts off!! I love this feature.  I would recommend this dryer to my friends and family.  There is also a quick dry which only takes twenty five-five minutes.  This is great if you have something come up quick and need something cleaned fast.  The washer also has a quick wash.  This set is also extremely quiet.  Sometimes I check to make sure I started it.  I purchased this set in red and opted for the additional pedestals that I would also strongly recommend purchasing.*  

Joplin, MO


Frigidaire Dryer mate to Front Load Washer is a Very Good Dryer


This is a very good dryer.  The dryer offers the ability to dry without any heat, which is great for delicates and darks!  The towel setting gets even new towels dry without any extra time.  The dryer offers a shrink guard setting, which has allowed me to dry my jeans without fear of shrinkage.  The only cons I have are that the regular setting on low heat isn't long or high enough for cotton t-shirts and athletic socks.  I have this dryer on the pedestal as well, which prevents too much bending over.

Chesnee, SC


Frigidaire Electric Dryer FAQE7077KA / FAQE7077KB / FAQE7077KN / FAQE7077KR / FAQE7077KW

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