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Frigidaire Air Conditioner

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Quiet and cool at a great price!


I am very happy with the Frigidaire FRA052XT7 5,000 BTU Mini Window Air Conditioner. I bought it to replace a fancy Kenmore 5,600 BTU  model that was way too loud and too big for our bedroom. It kept cycling on and off which I feel wastes a lot of energy, not to mention kept waking me up all through the night. We didn't want to spend too much money and we did not need anything fancy as we did not use all the features on the Kenmore we had.   It seems the older I get, (did I just admit I am getting older?), the less tolerant I am of sleeping in any kind of warm temperatures. I like it cool! But I don't need to be refrigerated, either. The larger Kenmore had a hard time keeping an even temperature resulting in spikes of cold, followed by warmer temps. So on top of waking me every time it cycled, I had to keep pulling up or putting down the blanket. We needed an air conditioner to help us sleep and keep us comfortable, not keep us waking and tossing blankets. Ok, here is where I actually review the Frigidaire. The bedroom is 13 by 15 1/2 and this little model does a good job of keeping it evenly cool. And the best part, it is quiet while doing so! The FRA052XT7 was light enough that I was able to carry it  upstairs and it was easy to screw in the top bar and slide in the sides. My husband very easily installed it, but I could have done it. I am just not allowed near the open window anymore because I have lost a window fan through it and a screen and a screw driver. It comes with weather stripping, lots of it and three different kinds! There are no instructions about what to do with all this but I got creative and I think I got the window pretty air tight. The Frigidaire Mini is a basic and simple model. Nothing fancy. There is a temperature selector that goes from 1-7 and  a mode selector that has 2 speeds for the fan and 2 speeds for the cooling mode. The air directional louvres are very simple and operated with an auger wheel, you really can't fine tune where you want the cool air to go. So far that hasn't been a problem for us. The air filter just slides out and there is no indicator, you just have to remember to check it once a month. Good luck to me remembering that.   The  13 x 15 room we have it in gets very cool, but not cold. I imagine it would really cool a smaller room and have more trouble with larger spaces. i highly recommend this model if you are looking for a small basic air conditioner!  

cape cod, MA


Able to sleep through the night


Both my husband and myself love to have out bedroom extra cold at night. Our A/C just went out and with summer fast approaching here in FL we HAD to buy something and quick before the prices went up. Found this great deal on a this A/C. Alreadt have a larger Frigidaire Window unit to cool the rest of our house so we knew this was the brand for us. Once installed I was surprised at the amount of air this little unit puts out. Its fantastic. I would highly recommend this unit if you have a small space that you want extra cool.

Tampa, FL


good for the price


I purchased this little air conditioner over the summer.  Our old one was not working any more and this was the cheapest for what we needed.  I am very happy with the product.  It is a little noisy but it is a window air conditioner it blows out very cold air and works for the two small bedrooms I have it for in my upstairs.  It has several different settings on the front and it is easy to use.  It is so easy to use that my young daughter turns it on and off herself everyday.  It fits in our windows with ease and was very easy to put the sides on and install in the window once out of the box.  It is very light weight which is a plus for whoever is installing you really don't need any help picking it up and putting it in the window.  This was my first choice when I went to look at window air units and i would buy another if I needed to.  It is a very good air conditioner for the price  i would recommend to anyone.

Farmington, IL


This AIr Conditioner pays for itslef in the summer months


We bought this one back in May, and it worked great throughout this past summer. Although, I had a little trouble getting it to where I actually wanted the air to come out through the top vents, but all and all it has I guess done what it should do, compared to another one we had that was the same exact model as this one. 

Landrum, SC


Frigidaire Air Conditioner

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