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Frigidaire Affinity Electric Dryer FAQE7011KB / FAQE7011KW

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Frigidaire Dryer is exaclty what I was looking for, almost.


This is the first dryer I bought, but the 3rd dryer I have owned... My husband and I bought this dryer after we moved to our new house and found that the dryer the previous owner left was broken.  We did a lot of research and decided this Frigidaire dryer would be the best choice for us.  We were looking for something that matched a front loading washer, would be able to handle large loads of clothes, and was energy efficient.  This dryer met all of those qualifications.  We have even found other things about this dryer that we like.  It is very quiet.  Most of the time when it is running we don't even notice!  One problem that we have had with this dryer is that from time to time strings and ties on dresses will get caught in the drum.  Most of the time when this happens they will come loose with a slight tug.  Other times the ties have completely snapped off the clothes.  Another issue is that the pedestal is sold separately.  I don't like theidea of having to spend more money to have the entire machine.  I realize that the pedestal isn't necessary, mostly because I don't have it, but I think it would have been a nice option to have it!

Springfield, IL


Frigidaire Affinity Electric Dryer FAQE7011KB / FAQE7011KW

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