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Fresh Sugar Face Polish

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Best exfoliant


I love this skin exfoliant. I see an immediate difference after using it. I usually use this before a peel. It takes the dead skin off and my skin is visibly glowing after. It smells great and you can tell it is fresh.

Brooklyn, NY


Don't eat it please


OK this stuff is good enough to eat, it truly smells that good. when I use it I feel like I'm putting pure yummy brown sugar on my face. But it's not recommend for consumption, so please just use it on your face. It truly does exfoliate your skin, it makes my skin so soft after I use this polish. Good enough to feel like a baby's bottom. Seriously. Effectiveness It exfoliates your skin just like it says it will. It can be slightly drying to skin that is more sensitive to oils being stripped from it. I just use a moisturizer after I use this face polish. Ease of Application Open the top and put a quarter amount on your fingers and then scrub your face in circles. If you really wan to exfoliate your skin more then normal then apply this to a washcloth and then use that on your face with this polish on it. Either way works and it does it's job. Scent I feel like I just baked a batch of cookies when I use this scrub on my face. It's so good, almost good enough to eat. It contains a bunch of ingredients that should not be consumed so don't let the good smell fool you.



sugary goodness!


Before I changed to a more budget friendly scrub I was using Fresh's Sugar Face Polish. It is great and refreshing. The sugar grainials really scrub and exfoliate your skin. It leaves this great fresh scrubbed feeling. Your skin feels baby soft and like there is nothing on your skin. Its polished clean and shiny. It smells sweet and I have to admit, I tasted it also (caramel goodness). My only issue is that you don't get much for your money. I've tried making my own using raw sugar but it just doesn't turn out the same. Effectiveness It scrubs away all the dirt and grime and especially dead skin leaving your face baby smooth. After a weeks use and you notice the difference right away. I still follow it with toner and moisturizer Ease of Application Very easy to use. Just take a bit into the palm of your hands and scrub your face in a circular motion. Scent It smells sweet and tastes sweet too. Its not overpowering but the sweetness is very distinct.

Corona, CA


Smells of sugar and works OK


Fresh sugar face polish is part of the sugar based products made by fresh. It's a small glass jar with a fair amount of product, given that you only need little. The sugar crystals are suspended / mixed in oil and you get a good exdoliation for the face and after a while smell wears off. It's a sugary-oily scent. Not especially pleasant or unpleasant. It is not especially moisturizing for dry skin. So if you have extremely dry skin, you may want to lather on moisturizer afterwards. Overall just OK. If not used for long, it can become stale. Available at fresh.com, fresh stores or high end cosmetic stores.

New York, NY


Fresh Sugar Face Polish

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