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Fragmin Blood Thinner

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Fragmin can help alleviate blood clots


**Fragmin** can be a real life saver, but it's a medication that can only be taken under strict medical supervision. So what does **Fragmin** do that is so great?  This drug can help prevent or break up blood clots. I've have the misfortunate of having a blood clot on two occasions and I was initially treated with **Fragmin** for the condition during the most recent event. **Fragmin** is taken by injection which I quickly learned to do myself. It's surprisingly easy.  I had a small vial of Fragmin and used syringe that are short and virtually pain-free. The injection is made into a fatty area under your belly button or the upper buttocks (I chose the gut area!) after you've drawn-up the correct dosage and sterilized the area. It also comes in prefilled-syringes which are easier but cost more. This medication is similar to Heparin, which also helps break-up or prevent blood clots quickly. If treatment is successful you will probably transition to a less-powerful ''blood- thinner'' drug such as Coumadin (also known as Warfarin) in a week or two. Who would most likely need to use Fragmin?  The following are some examples: - Immobilized persons - Some undergoing hip replacement surgery - Some undergoing abdominal surgery - Someone who has experienced Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Not surprisingly you should alert any doctor that you are taking **Fragmin**, particularly if you are having a spinal-tap procedure, are undergoing a regional anesthesia, or have had hemorrhaging. The only side affects I had with taking this medication was bruising around the injection site (a common occurrence). According to the manufacturer allergic reactions such as hives, swelling, or shortness of breath are rare but you should seek immediate medical help if they occur. If you are currently taking **Fragmin **or think you may sometime in the future it is helpful to discuss this blood thinning drug with your doctor so you are familiar with it. He or she should also alert you to the possible side effects and how long you will need to take this prescription medication.

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Fragmin Blood Thinner

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