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Food Saver
Food Saver V2244 Vacuum Sealer

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Great little Vacuum Sealer for the money


The **FoodSaver(R) V2244 Vacuum Sealer** is one of the most used small appliances in my kitchen. I use this little gem for everything. I buy all sorts of groceries in bulk and then divide it into serving sizes for 2 and save it in the FoodSaver bags. From meat to breads. It keeps everything fresher for longer. We have gotten the money back that we spent on this Vacuum Sealer, ten times over in savings from keeping our food fresher, longer. I have also started saving and freezing leftovers for a quick heat up meal on nights that I don't feel like cooking. It's amazing. My husband says that his favorite meal is when I unthaw a bag of homemade chili that I froze instead of throwing away the leftovers. He says it tastes even better than when it's fresh. The **FoodSaver(R) V2244 Vacuum Sealer** is easy to operate and I have never had a problem with it. This is the smaller counter top size, so I just keep it out all the time.

Bowling Green, KY


Food Savers really save!!!!


As a user of the OLD Seal A Meal appliance and bags..I got so use to sealing my food..instead of using reclosable bags..well now I moved on to this Food Saver appliance..with the vaccuum seal.. It is wonderful..and the food is really saved..no freezer burn..no waste.. Anyone that trys this product will be pleased..It does save money by allowing you to use what is purchased.. gets more life from the food..and the taste and nutrition is better for you.. Years ago it was an investment to have this Food Saver Appliance..now they are affordable and everyone should give it a try..You will not be sorry.. It is space saving also...no bulky packages..just flat items that fit well in freezer.. I had to write this review and let you know how great this appliance is..Give it a try...

Medinah, IL


Food Saver V2244 Vacuum Sealer

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