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Food Lion
Food Lion Chocolate Milk

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healthy tasty drink


Very good chocolate milk it's smooth and rich not to rich in chocolate. It taste better when really cold but but not frozen, It's also great for as a post work out recovery drink. Filled with protein and added to cereal is a great way to jump start your day.



As a lifelong chocolate milk drinker, I say this is the best!


I have been drinking chocolate milk all my life and consider myself a "chocolate milk connoisseur" if there is such a thing. Although I do not smell it and consider the bouquet like the wine people do, I know good chocolate milk. The best is Food Lion chocolate milk. Food Lion is a grocery store chain so the milk can only be purchased there. The milk is better in the jugs than the cartons. The taste is just what I want chocolate milk to be, not chocolate poured into white milk. It rarely spoils I know it is not good for me, and I try to limit myself to a couple of cups a day. Even when I go on vacation, I have to get some. Fortunately, there is a usually a Food Lion wherever I go. So if you are close to a Food Lion and want a treat, this is it.

Ayden, NC


Food Lion Chocolate Milk

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