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Florida Virtual School
Florida Virtual School High School

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Effective on-line learning for your high school student!


This is our second year with Florida Virtual School, and nearly all our experiences have been good.  The course design is excellent, there are many opportunities for learning, and if you are in Florida, you can't beat the price. First, I would like to dispel the myth that if you enroll your child, they will be indoctrinated by the state, etc.  We have found that the program and teachers are very objective, and don't seem to have any state mandated agenda.  You will speak to all the teachers yourself, and you can listen to the conversations they have with your children if you are still uncomfortable.  I don't think you will feel that way once you talk to the teachers, however. The curricula are wonderful!  Currently, my son is studying Algebra 2, and it is far superior to other programs we have seen.  There are at least five ways your child can learn this particular subject:  the curriculum itself, video clips of lectures for the more difficult concepts, tutoring sessions with students, tutoring sessions with teachers, and phone conversations with teachers.  If your child is ready for a relatively difficult subject like this, he will certainly be able to learn by one of these methods!  Another thing that I love is the exposure to different teacher personalities.  I had told my children about my old teachers and their unique personalities over the years.  I wanted them to be prepared for that in college.  I have to say that FLVS did a better job of that than I did!  During my son's first semester, he had one drill sergeant and one sweetheart.  I couldn't have asked for better examples!  There is also some exposure to other students, particularly if they join a club or attend an on-line meeting.  This is part of a valuable learning experience for your children. FLVS is great for the procrastinator.  Your child will have his grade lowered if he is more than two weeks behind.  It is an effective deterrent to procrastination, and Mom and Dad don't have to be the heavies! Although nearly all the teachers we've had have been wonderful, I must report that one did not seem qualified for her job.  Even though she had a degree in education specializing in language arts, her e-mails were full of grammatical and usage errors.  So, I asked for another teacher.  My request was granted, but in the end, we decided that maybe Mom would be a better teacher for this particular subject.  Think about that - if there is a subject your love and do well, you may be the best teacher even if you don't have the credentials. FLVS has a 28 day grace period, so if you are not happy with the course, your child can withdraw.  Be careful about the date cut-off.  I do know of another family using FLVS that waited just before the 28 days, and the teacher didn't get back with them before the deadline. Give FLVS a try and decide for yourself.  If there is a subject that you don't enjoy teaching, there is a teacher out there in cyberspace that does!

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Florida Virtual School High School

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