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FlexEffect FlexEffect Facial Resistance Training

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FlexEffect Resistance Training Builds Face Muscle!


Several years ago, when I was in my mid-40s, I began to wonder about facial exercise.  Wouldn't it make sense, I thought, to work the muscles in the face the way we work the body? I had this hunch that applying resistance to the muscles in some way (versus mere exaggerated facial expressions) would be the equivalent of intense weight training for the rest of the body, so I began to search online to see if there was such a thing. Lo and behold, there was.  FlexEffect, developed by Deb Crowley, is a common sense, scientifically-proven, doctor- and therapist-endorsed program that requires no equipment other than your hands.  After you purchase a book, DVD and CD (and, for best results, become a member of the online forum for ongoing advice and mutual support), the only thing else you need to do is commit about 35 to 40 minutes a day to facialbuilding.  That sounds like a lot?  Well, keep in mind three things:  1)  Considering it takes years for the face to begin wrinkling and sliding south, the few weeks it takes to begin seeing results aren't very long at all; 2)  the only other two alternatives are letting nature run its course and going under the knife; and 3)  I consider time spent on any other facial exercise to be a waste.  Nothing is as intense as FlexEffect, making it the best possible use of workout time. Besides, once you feel that warm glow and "springiness" in the face immediately following your workout, and see the de-puffing around the eyes about an hour after your workout (which is why I do it very early in the morning), you won't want to stop. A word about Deb:  She's a former bodybuilder who knows and understands the response of muscles in the body and face to various types of training, and has been teaching FlexEffect since the 70s.  Her website, flexeffect.com, spells it all out.  Take a look at the before and after pics of some of us, too.  

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FlexEffect FlexEffect Facial Resistance Training

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