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Flex Steel
Flex Steel Recliner Couch

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bad customer service


Have a seam that tore through on the couch. Had to google big time to get a phone number to talk to customer service because they will not allow stores to give out their number. The sofa is 2 weeks shy of one year warranty. Repairman came out to sew leather but could not fix as was a flaw when they made product. They now want me to send to factory for about four weeks to fix. no one will give me a loaner sofa in the meantime and all say so sorry but not our problem. i will never buy Flexsteel again. I only purchased because store said they would not carry Lazy Boy anymore because of problems. i bought from my local store to keep in business but will not buy from them again either.

Columbia, IL


Not worth the price


When I was in the market for family room furniture, I went to the store that I had purchased from many times previously. I saw the "conversational" sofa, chair and ottoman. I though the lines interesting and the fact I could custom upholster was a real plus. We paid above our projected budget based on the reputation of the store and thier high recommendation for FlexSteel. It was suppose to be of high quality with lifetime replacement on cushion cores if they ever failed. Well, they did. Not only the cores, but the back of the sofa began to come away from the main frame. As a quick fix when we were to have company, we tapped the staples back into the sofa. The gap was about 7 inches at that time and you could feel the staples with your finger. It was not the fabric that was failing, it was the structure itself. The gap is now over 12 inches! It looks awful. Its falling apart. The original sales lady did call me 2 days after I went back to the store. She said she would order the cores, but had to speak to the owner regarding the seperation of the back. She was inclined to keep refering to the fact that fabric flaws are not covered by FlexSteel. I had to tell her repeatedly that it is not the fabric or the seam, but that the whole back is seperating from the sofa frame. That was almost 2 weeks ago and I have heard nothing from the owner. I emailed FlexSteel as well as the owner to try to have the issue addressed and have had no response from either party. It seems that FlexSteel is not all that they appear when you are at the actual point of sale. I am very disappointed in the quality and customer service. The seat cushions are sagging as are the back pillows. I would not recommend FlexSteel nor the store I purchased it from. For the money, I would have expected to get more than 4 years of moderate use from the set. Unless this is addressed, I would think twice about purchasing another FlexSteel product.  Just beware.

Warwick, MD


Careful of fabric used. We used nonstretch and it kept ripping!


**I gave this product 4 stars because we bought the Flex Steel brand because of it's reputation and warranty to last.  The fabric was another issue.  We had a recliner couch and the tapestry cloth we chose to cover the couch didn't stretch and rips at the seams.  The furniture store representative came out and looked at our couch and confirmed that this is what had happened.  We had paid good money for the brand and for a high quality fabric--so now the company is going to recover our new couch at no cost to us.  I thought the furniture store people would have clued us in on the fabric choice, as they had helped us pick this one.  So in case you are in the same boat buy some fabric that has some stretch to it.  Microfiber is a good one they told us, so that's what our next covering will be in!  Hopes this helps!**

Dover, NH


Flex Steel Recliner Couch

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