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Flex Extra Body  Conditioner

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Good hair conditioner


Flex Extra Body Conditioner is a pretty good hair conditioner even if it isn't my favorite. i actually haven't seen it lately in the stores where I shop. It does work quite well on most types of hair. It leaves the hair very soft, shiny, and much easier to comb after washing. The cost is very reasonable so it is affordable for almost any family to use for the whole family. It does smell very good too. It is just a little thick for me so I would say to just use a little bit and it will work just right. I haven't used it in a while but at one time I did use it a lot and really liked it. It works quite well with the Flex shampoo or any other shampoo too. I know many people that have used it and they liked it as well, so it is a very popular product. Effectiveness This conditioner is very effective and does a wonderful job conditioning the hair and I would recommend it for most people to use on a regular basis. Scent I think that it has a very nice scent.



I Love The Smell Of This, Too Bad It Just Didn't Work For Me


I love the smell of Flex. When I was in high school, a friend of mine used Flex, and I used to love the smell so much that I begged to know what perfume she was wearing. When she said it was Flex, I was overjoyed. I tried the shampoo and conditioner and loved it. I had some problems with it, so I put it aside. Not too long ago, I tried the conditioner again. I guess it has not changed much. I had to stop using it. Effectiveness I had hoped that perhaps Flex had been changed and made better than when I used to use it some time ago. This time, however, I had some bad results with it again and had to stop using it. Although the conditioner is nice and thick, when I applied it to my hair, it left is slick and weighed down. I tried using just a tiny bit, but no matter what I did, it just didn't work for me. Not only was my fine hair weighed down and looked greasy, but it made my head itch and flake badly. I had to stop using it again. Scent I absolutely love the scent of this stuff. I think it might be slightly different than what I remember from when I used to use it, but it still is a nice scent and I love it. Too bad the conditioner didn't seem to like me!

Podunk, NY


works great, yet inexpensive


take it from someone trying to take care of what hair he has left. flex does the job. gives me more volume to produce the illusion of more hair while leaving it soft and easy to manage. and its affordable

Washington Court House, OH


Others work better for me!


For me this is not a good choice.  This conditioner cause my skin to dry and scalp to itch and flake. I am not an advocate for Flex conditioners or shampoos.  My teenagers do use it occasionally but it is not often.  It is very affordable but I am not able to use it.

Georgetown, DE


No need to spend a lot to get great results!


I have tried so many different brands of costly conditioners and most really don't do all that the bottle claims they do.  I was at Price Chopper a while back and noticed a great sale on **Flex Extra Body - Conditioner - 15 fl oz. **I figured it was time to go back to the basics and give Flex a try. **The Facts  ** - Triple Action - Fortifies - Nourishes - Protects - Balsam & Protein **My Experience **My sister was quite surprised to see me buying Flex but I explained that with the holidays approaching, money was tight and I had also heard good things about it.  After shampooing my hair, I squeeze out about a quarter sized amount of the conditioner, it is immediately noticeable how thick, and creamy it is.  The scent is not overbearing and actually, it could probably use a little more fragrance.  This conditioner is so easy to use that all I have to do is apply it and rinse with warm water.  After I towel dry my hair, it is breeze to comb through.  I have very curly hair and most times without a separate detangler, I wouldn't be able to get my wide toothed comb through it. After my hair is dry, my hair looks full and shiny and does what I want it to do. **My Final Viewpoint ** **Flex Extra Body - Conditioner - 15 fl oz. **is an effective and affordable hair conditioner that I definitely recommend.  Flex proves that it isn't necessary to spend a lot on a hair conditioner to get great results. I give this product a ***4 star rating*** and would have gone with 5 if the scent were a bit more pleasant.

Somewhere in, NY


Flex Extra Body Conditioner

3.6 5