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Fisher Price Newborn-to-Toddler Bouncer

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Great chair that grows with baby.


I have nothing but good things to say about the Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Bouncer. I bought one three years ago when my niece was born as a gift to her mom, and it was well used by her up until my daughter was born, and now we use it. The chair, and the material have held up well to many explosive diapers, spilled sippy cups and snotty noses. First off this chair really does grow with the baby, from the time that you bring the baby home up until their toddler years this chair will fit all their needs for sitting. It's sturdy enough to hold a toddler, but when set in newborn setting it also snuggles the baby into a good space that makes them feel safe and secure. It's easy to clean. The cover comes off to wash and the plastic can be wipes down with a disinfecting wipe whenever you see fit. It's great for when the toddler gets to movie watching age and they can sit in their own little chair for the movie. I use mine on a daily basis for nap time etc.



Not for my baby but she's a big girl.


I was kind of torn when rating this product because for some babies it would be a great product, for me personally I would have rated it satisfactory; however the person I passed it along to once my baby outgrew it was more than happy with it. When it is laid back all the way where it doesn't rock I felt it was pretty safe and trusted leaving my baby in it. My baby is in the 90 percentile for weight and height so once she was able to use it 'toddler' style with the rocker she continuously tried to get out of it and almost tipped it over numerous times. I am thinking if my daughter didn't have the weight advantage that may not happen; however I am not positive about that. I would recommend this to someone with an inactive child or for use while napping if supervised in case they wake up. One of my biggest concerns with this bouncer/rocker is the 'seat belt' that keeps your child in is pretty small and only adjusts a bit, also when using it as a toddler chair when they sit down it practically leans them straight out of the chair. Durability Nothing had ripped or broken during the 10 months I owned it, I was able to pass it along in like new condition. Safety If you read my comments from my overall review it explains these issues I had. I would never recommend this product for outdoor use and never use it except on the floor. Features I liked the musical toy that it came with and my daughter enjoyed teething on the other toys. The vibrate feature my daughter doesn't really like (didn't like it in her crib either) but can help soothe some babies.

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Fisher Price Newborn-to-Toddler Bouncer

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