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Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Infant Seat Bouncer

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Love this!


I love this bouncer. It seems very comfortable and the fabric is nice to the touch. It easy to transport around the house. My son loves this thing. I can easily move it to the bathroom while I take a shower or bring it into the kitchen to do the dishes. He is very content in it and I know he is safe and happy.



Good little seat for baby


This My Little Lamb seat was recommended to me by a friend. I am satisfied with it, but I haven't found it to be anything outstanding. It is very soft and the cover comes off for washing. The little hanging stuffed lamb and mirror are nice, but I sort of wish there were a couple more hanging toys to entertain the baby. The music and vibrating features are definitely good, although to my knowledge there is not a way to adjust the volume - that would be nice to have so that the baby can hear the music but Mom and Dad don't have to hear it in the room if they don't want to. (maybe I'm being too selfish!) It's also good that it has a little seat belt for safety. I think it's kind of a misnomer that this is called a "bouncer" seat since it doesn't actually bounce like others do - just vibrates - but I guess it's the same type of idea. I'm not sure I'd choose this again, but it's a nice option for putting baby in when you want them nearby and they're not necessarily sleeping (but could be).

Raleigh, NC


My Little Lamb Bouncer is Excellent !


This My Little Lamb Infant Seat Bouncer is excellent. I received this on my baby shower. I came very highly recommended by members of my family and friends who had used this with their newborns. They loved the features of this specific bouncer and was highly praised as excellent. I started using it with my newborn especially when I was moving around in my apartment after my c-section. It was easy to keep an eye on the baby, while taking care of other household chores during my time of recovery. She used to nap on this while I relaxed in the sofa or just wanted to keep her close in the living room or any other room. She seemed so comfortable on the bouncer. The different lullabies that this bouncer has are very soothing, especially when the newborn gets cranky. As she got a little older, she used to like the vibrations because she used to place her little feet on the box and smile. When she turned 3 to 6 months, she loved seeing herself in the mirror, blabbing and waving. I love this bouncer because it comes in very handy when you want to keep your baby in one spot for easy access or supervision. It is very soft and keeps the baby warm. I noted that she slept very well and for long periods of time in this bouncer. Loved it because it was easy to take along when traveling or visiting my family members. She could nap while at other people's homes and I could still keep an eye on her or play with her when she was awake. Now, as she is close to a year old, she does not use it very much, as she wants to move around and not be tied to one spot. She still loves to hear the music playing. She points to it and when I turn it on for her, she starts 'dancing' and she sits next to it (not sitting strapped down on it) to hear the music. She starts laughing and when the music is done, wants me to play it all over for her. She loves to touch the little lamb and see herself in the mirror still. I love it because you can wash it as often as you need to and it still looks great. I still use it to keep her strapped while I take care of other household chores, and it does keep her entertianed listening to the music. She is starting to hum along and sing along with the music clapping her hands together to the beat.

Bronx, NY


The PERFECT bouncer


This bouncer is super soft and my son LOVED it!! The bouncer plays music and vibrates.  At first I was afraid that the the vibrating would not be enough, but it seemed to be fine.  Be really liked the music and it seemed to soothe him.  There is a little sheep with a small mirror that can hang above him.  The entire arm that holds this sheep comes off so you do not have to have it on if you don't want to.  I didn't put it on until he was 3+ months old because until then he didn't really care if it was on or not. I used this the most in the bathroom.  I would but my son in it so that I could shower, dry my hair, put on make-up etc.  It worked GREAT for this.  I could keep my eye on him, he was happy and I was able to get ready for the day. Another great feature of this bouncer is that it folds up for travel and storage.  It will fold as flat as it possibly can and can easily be put up for storage or in your car for travel.  This is done very very easily and is also easily unfolded.  Other bouncers I have seen are not this easy to take places or store.  This is another great feature of this bouncer.

Athens, GA


Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Infant Seat Bouncer

4.5 4