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First National Bank / First Convenience Bank

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Would not recommend this bank.


When we moved back to Texas we opened an account at this bank.  We thought it would be convenient with it being in Walmart.  Boy, were we ever wrong.  The more people we talked to in town, the worse things we kept hearing about bad experiences.  We stopped at a local convenience store that had a sign on the door that said "We do not accept First Convenience Checks."  That really made me leary.  Especially since the store pinpointed a certain bank they wont take checks from.  They try to charge you for everything.  If your account goes in the hole, they charge you $2.45 for every day that it is in the hole.  I have heard a Walmart employee tell us that when he had his account there, they lost his paycheck and it took to months for them to reimburse his account, even though he had proof that his paycheck went into his account.  The employees there are friendly but that is only to cover up all the problems that you will encounter in the future if you open an account there.  I strongly suggest that this bank not be used.  Find a well known and well trusted bank.

Sulphur Springs, TX


First National Bank / First Convenience Bank

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