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Fireman's Fund

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Fireman's Fund Insurance: Average, very Average


An insurer with a storied past, Fireman's Fund Insurance is one of a handful of insurance companies that was once tied to a specific cause. It is owned by the Allianz Financial Group and is one of the largest insurers in the world, protecting individuals and businesses from damage and loss. Insurance Commentary: Fireman's Fund Insurance is an insurer of property, auto, farm, and more, both on a personal and commercial basis. Its name indicates a relationship to firemen, but the relationship is not what people think. It got the name because, when the company was founded, it dedicated a portion of its profits to the families of fallen firefighters. It no longer does this today, but the company is involved in charitable works surrounding fire departments and their needs. As for the insurance, Fireman's Fund Insurance is offered on many products and for many levels to fulfill business and personal needs. My experience with Fireman's Fund Insurance is on a business level and I have found Fireman's Fund Insurance a good company to work with. The premiums charged are not the cheapest in the business, but they are good considering the low deductibles selected for business liability and other coverage. Customer service is important to any insurance relationship and in my dealings with Fireman's Fund Insurance, I haven't had any bad incidents, but I haven't had any particularly great experiences either. The company seems fine to work with, but the service reps seem like they are just doing their jobs and nothing more. My Bottom Line: My bottom line viewpoint on Fireman's Fund Insurance is that it seems to be a very average company: Average prices, average service, average everything. My opinion is from a business perspective, and so it may not agree with those who have dealt with Fireman's Fund Insurance on a personal level. But I have to say that, overall, this company is about as middle of the road as you can get, with nothing terrible or impressive to mention. Customer Service Customer service is okay, but not anything amazing. Available Plans Fireman's Fund has a fair number of plans and enough to satisfy most business and personal needs, but they are not as extensive as some other providers.

Houston, TX


It was our only option, but proved to be a sound choice


When my husband and I bought our house five years ago, we had a last minute issue come up that would have kept us from closing. We could not get home owners insurance. What??? Are you kidding? We have good credit, are responsible people-why cant be get insurance? Well, our house was built in the 1800s and insurance companies think there is too much risk in insuring a home like ours. It doesn't matter that all the plumbing, wiring and electrical had been updated. It doesn't matter that it in a house from the 1800s and still in amazing shape (and in fact, in better shape than many new construction buildings). It doesn't matter. It's still a risk for them. After pleading with several insurance companies (that wanted to bring their own assessors over), Firemans Fund finally came to the rescue. Firemans Fund agreed to insure our home but only if we transferred our car insurance policy over to them as well. Are you kidding (and their quote was about a $1000 more per year from our current provide!)? Is that really legal? While, we thought that was a little shady, we were desperate and signed on the dotted line. We have since stayed with them just because it is easy. Thank goodness, we havent yet had a need to call Firemans Fund for anything material. However, given that they were the company to be remotely flexible with us on an old house, I have to give them some props for trying.  I rate them a 3 only because I havent had to place a claim, so I dont know how they react in a challenging situation.   

Chicago, IL


Fireman's Fund

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