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Fiber One
Fiber One - Bars Choc Mocha

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Even teenagers love these


My 16 year old daughter eats one each day with her lunch and after school before volleyball practice. These are the best tasting of all of the fiber bars. Fiber Plus are good as well... It's difficult to get this much fiber in other foods. For instance, it takes 3 pieces of whole grain bread to equal this.

Puyallup, WA


Super Yummy


My kids were looking in the breakfast bar isle and I saw these and decided to try them for something different from what we usually get. They were scrumptious and did not last long in our home. They are supposed to be good for you or at least better than some of the others so I was pleased when both of my kids liked them and asked me to buy more the next time we went shopping. You do tast the coffee flavor but it is not so strong that my youngest didn't like it. The coffee flavor could have been a bit stronger for me. It satisfied my sweet tooth craving. No, not as great as eating a gooey candy bar but these are my first choice if I'm wanting a breakfast or snack bar.

Linn Creek, MO


Fiber One - Bars Choc Mocha

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