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Fellowes Compressed Air Duster for Computers

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Not Just For Computers!


I use a couple of different compressed air products to clean my keyboards for my desktop computers and my laptops. Even though I still have to clean between the keys with a cotton swab or folded paper towel, this helps to get dust and lint out from under the keys. I try not to eat near my computers but it happens and that means crumbs; even a small piece under a key on your keyboard can cause problems with keystrokes registering correctly when you are typing. When you use this with the thin straw that is packaged with this you can direct the flow of air to specific sections of the keyboard; that can help knock things loose and prevent issues when typing. When I use this on my laptop I only use short quick bursts because I get worried about the pressure being a little too much and don't want to damage anything under they keys. I am a little more liberal when I use this on my computer keyboards because if I damage them I can replace them. I also use this on hard-to-reach things like the inside of cassette decks and when my older VCR's aren't playing correctly because of dust on the heads. I always unplug my electronics before I use this compressed air on them because I am terrified of something happening to them while I am using this on them. I don't recommend holding down the button for more than a few seconds at a time because the can gets extremely cold. That will eventually prevent more compressed air from coming out and you will have to wait for it to come back to room temperature before you can use it again.



Full of Hot Air!


What a great idea that someone came up with. I use it all the time for my computer keyboard and other electronics that need a little dusting. It just seems like there just isn't enough air in the can once I get it going. The can does get cold to the touch when using for lengths of times. With the tiny tube that comes with it is great for those 'tight' spots that a sweeper can't even get to. I would recommend this and assure that a can is always available in my office for my electronics. 

Knoxville, TN


Do Not BUY this dangerous product. It is dangerously flammable.


This Fellowes product should not be on the market! It is highly flammable and if it does so, it can cause pulmonary collapse , perhaps resulting in death.  It is dangerous to have where young children could play with it . Take my advice and do not buy or remove from your  home immediately and if you do so , you may never know the heartache I have saved you.

Tucson, AZ


Good product to buy


Fellowes Compressed Air Duster for Computers is something that I have bought on several occasions.  This product is one that I have used for both my professional as well as my personal computers.  The air duster comes with a straw that the user attaches to the nozel of the canister in order to make(if you wish) a fine spray of compressed air.  You can then remove the straw from the nozel and reconnect the straw to the cannister of compressed air via the tape that originally attached the straw to the cannister.   **The instructions on the can are very simple to understand.  It shows the user that you should hold the canister at an angle to use.  ** **I have found when using this product that short controlled bursts of the canned air work best.  I write this because, if you use it for too long at once, the cannister gets very cold.  And, you don't want  this to happen.** **Sometimes, I have found a good price on this product by going online to a search engine and putting this product's name in to find the lowest price that is available.**

Linden, NJ


What can I say, it's a can of air.


What can I say... It's a can of compressed air.  Not much special hear.  I would say that this can of air is just like every other can of compressed air out there.  I recommend turning these upside down and spraying them towards someone who is annoying you.

Miami, FL


Excellent for cleaning almost any electronics


I have found this product to be extremely useful in not only cleaning computers (keyboards, towers, and monitors), but also for any type of electronic equipment that you can think of. The upside of this product is that you can clean those hard to reach places easily and don't have to worry about if the cleaning is going to damage the piece of equipment. The downside is this product gets used up quicker than I would have liked.

Laramie, WY


Performs well.


The Fellowes Compressed Air Duster works well for cleaning out dust and other particles from hard to reach palces.  They are reasonably priced, compared to the 3M products.  The only downfall when using this products, as with any compressed air can, is that the can get extremely cold after continuous use.  This can be avoided by spraying in short bursts.

Minneapolis, MN


Fellowes Compressed Air Duster for Computers

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