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Febreze SPORT Extreme Odor Eliminator

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Best febreze yet.


Febreze is such a versatile and good fabric refresher! It's one product I always have to have around my home and in my car! The Febreze Sport is the best febreze out. It is very effective! It has a slightly different scent and the scent lasts a lot longer than normal Febreze. You can use this product everywhere pretty much. Couches, beds, carpet, pillows, blankets, gym bags, simply spraying it in the air, use in the car and so on. All you have to do is spray a little bit of febreze and it makes your home, car, wherever, smell so much better! The smell of the Febreze sport is less "girly" in comparison to the other Febreze's. My boyfriend in particular really likes this one due to the less girly scent. The scent lasts a long amount of time so you don't have to spray it a lot. I highly recommend buying Febreze! It's really versatile and leaves your home, car, wherever, smelling fresh and clean! Give it a try.



The guys in my family love Febreze Sport. No girly scent!


What I like about Febreze and other fabric refreshers is the same thing that the guys in my family hate. The pretty scent that most Febreze products leave in the air is something they aren't crazy about, although I love it. I could spray that stuff on everything! But...they don't want it in their rooms or on their things. I still use regular Febreze around the house because I just like the scent. But before I found Febreze Sport, I either had to leave the guy's stuff smelly, or listen to them complain about the girly scent. Not anymore! I am very pleased with Febreze Sport and will continue to purchase it. Performance Febreze Sport works deep down to eliminate sports odors. It neutralizes the smelly stuff from whatever you spray it on. I have NEVER went through a bottle of Febreze as fast as I have with Febreze Sport! This stuff works great. And because it doesn't leave behind a 'girly' scent, the guys don't care that I spray it all over everything. Even if the guys (or girls) in your family don't participate in sports, I'd still recommend this product to anyone that doesn't like the 'pretty' scent of other fabric refreshers. I also use it on pet bedding, pillows and blankets, and pet toys. It's practical for just about anything. Scent The scent is neither masculine or feminine. It just smells clean. The guys in the house like it because it covers stinky smells without leaving behind a frilly scent. I use it for refreshing their gym bags, shoes, sports equipment, and pretty much everything they come in contact with.

Jacksonville, NC


Got stink? Use Febreze SPORT Extreme Odor Eliminator!


After using [Tide plus Febreze Freshness Sport Laundry Detergent][1] and absolutely loving how fresh and wonderfully scented my clothes came out, I decided to try this new product by Febreze. It's a fabric refresher designed to "eliminate sports odors from shoes, apparel, and unwashable equipment". I've used it a whole bunch of times for a million different things and I LOVE it! I have used **Febreze SPORT Extreme Odor Eliminator **for all types of stinks and smells. It's available in two scents and I have "Cool Energy Scent" - it's fresh, clean and slightly fruity. I once sprayed it inside a stinky pair of Ugg Boots and it miraculously removed the odor. When I have a poopy diaper in a brand-new, empty trash bag, I'll spray a dryer sheet and put it in the trash can (works great) I spray it on my husband's stinky Marine Corps stuff and it has all but one time removed all the odors. The only time it didn't is when my husband left wet clothes in a backpack for about 10 days. The clothes and the backpack molded and stunk like something died. I sprayed the backpack and even this amazing spray couldn't kill the smell of death that protruded from it. Besides that one incident, I have been amazingly impressed with this product. If you ever have any kind of stink, whether it be sport related or not, I highly recommend this product! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Tide-plus-Febreze-Freshness-Sport-Liquid-Laundry-Detergent-review-7b526

Camp Lejeune, NC


Get Sweat Odor Out!!


I have been using febreze for several years. I have always used it to freshen our carpets, mattresses, and blankets. I had read a tip that it is good to freshen up clothes and a great way to save on dry cleaning too frequently. The sports version is especially good to get the underarm sweat odor out of blazers and really freshens up coats between washes. I really don't like to put jackets in the wash or dry cleaners too frequently but find that the underarm odor can easily be eliminated if I spray either right before putting the item back into the closet or the night before I want to wear it. A few squirts lets it smell like it was just cleaned. But it does need to be saturated and can then take a while to dry.

Springfield Gardens, NY




I was skeptical at first, but the Febreze Sport Odor Eliminator works better than I expected.  Just a few spritzes on your workout clothes and you are gym ready for another day--no more late night laundry!!  Even better, it also works well on cigarette smoke.  I work with an older gentleman who smokes.  I hate having to throw my clothes in the hamper when I have only worn them for an hour or two.  So, I tried the Febreze Sport on them and the smoke smell is GONE. The Febreze sports works great on sneakers and dress shoes, and I have even used it on the spongy  material grips on the gym equipment before I use it.  The gym rules may say you have to wipe it down after use, but how do I know that the person before me actually DID.  The only recommendation I have is for a variety of scents like the regular febreze has.  The scent is not unpleasant, but can become a bit overwhelming after a while.

New Orleans, LA


Febreze SPORT Extreme Odor Eliminator

4.8 5