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A Miracle Drug For Congestive Heart Failure


When I had my heart attack and they weighed me in the emergency room I was 31 pounds heavier than my normal weight. That was all water that I had been retaining because my heart couldn't pump as efficiently as normal. I had no idea that I even had a heart attack but my troponin levels were still elevated so the knew that it was in the past eleven days. I was given Furosemide (also marketed under the brand name Lasix) to help with purging my body of the accumulated fluids and was given a prescription for it when I was discharged from the hospital. Recently I was hospitalized with pneumonia and was dehydrated. Instead of going in moderation with the intravenous liquids they pushed them too fast and I started to retain fluids. I was given an IV push (a fast dose) of Furosemide twice a day and it worked wonders. When I was discharged I got a prescription for 20 milligrams but since that was half the dose I was getting in the hospital intravenously it didn't work as far nor was it as effective. This is something that helps with fluid that builds up in the body but it can be something that works against you if you take it and don't need it. It can cause dehydration so you need to have your electrolyte levels checked on a regular basis. Maintaining a low sodium diet can really help with water retention and it might be able to help eliminate this from your daily medication regiment.



My miracle perscription


I have heart problems and unfortunately a side effect with most cardiac issues is edema. The last year or so my edema has gotten worse, especially if I don't watch my diet. I get swelling in my legs and abdomen and it was really effecting my daily life. In general, I'm a small person, only 5 foot and 105-110 lbs. When I get the swelling in my abdomen it actually makes it hard to breath because there is so much increased pressure. I was prescribed furosemide about 6 months ago and it has literally changed my life! I only have to take it a couple times a week now and it truly is my miracle medicine. I only take it after I am done with work and errands and safe at home because it makes you go to the bathroom pretty frequently (which is what's it's supposed to do to decrease the swelling and rid your body of the excess water). But the side effects are well worth feeling normal, especially when I can actually fit in my clothes and bra without feeling strangled!



Furosemide is great for reducing swelling in legs and feet.


At times, especially during the summer months, my feet and legs especially begin to swell and become especially uncomfortable, large and difficult to fit in my shoes.  Fortunately, with the use of Furosemide, the swelling and unsightly condition and uncomfortable feeling of swollen feet and legs feel better because the swelling goes down quite a bit.  The tablets are very small and usually one seems to help fairly quickly and you do go to the restroom a lot, but that's what it's suppose to do.  Remove excess water and swelling with Furosemide.

Brea, CA



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