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ExoBalance Hair Regrowth Solution

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I didnt expect for it to make baby hairs i have actualy grow out


I have always had these little baby hairs where my temples are that never grew in completely!!!! I could never do pull back hairstyles the way other girls did. I bought the product because i had very mild thinning in the front of my head and figured that i might as well try it and if it worked i would be able to catch it early...to my suprise it actually worked and  then i began to notice it was making my lil baby hairs start to grow longer and that was so exciting for me! I am 28 years old and i swear by exobalance...Try it ...it works!!! you wont be sorry!!! Thanks Exobalance  

Beaver Falls, PA


I did't believe it was possible to grow my hair - it's amazing


I have been troubled with thinning hair for many more years that I want to admit. I have tried numerous products in the past with mixed results. The biggest drawback of these other products were the side effects and the inability to color my hair. As a women I did not want to take hormones. I started using Exobalance around 3 months ago. After 3 weeks I noticed that my hair was becoming thicker. After one month by beutician asked what I was doing to my hair. He noticed that the hair was thicker and new hair was growing. Today you can see noticable amounts of hair growth. I also like the way to apply the product. It is a simple spray that you apply to your scalp. Just one product used twice a day. I was able to color my hair while using it. The color went all the way to the bottom of my hair. There was no missing area around the roots. I strongly recommend this product

Maple Heights, OH


ExoBalance Hair Regrowth Solution

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