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Evergreen Wheatgrass

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Gluten Free Wheatgrass?


Evergreen Wheatgrass - Sounds like an oxymoron right?  The product is listed as gluten free.  From my research, if you grown correctly, wheatgrass contains no wheat.  I like this organic product because of how it makes me feel.  I have always had low iron problems and this brings it right up and gives me lots of energy. The chlorophyll and nutrients are preserved even though it comes in the form of frozen ice cubes. Pros: Builds High Blood count, Provides iron to organs, counteracts toxins eaten, improves anemic condition, regulates menstruation and more.  See evergreenjuices.com Cons:  A bit hard to find in stores and you can not order direct from the company.  It taste like grass (but it does not bother me much).  



Evergreen Wheatgrass

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