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Euro-Pro Shark 60 - Sewing Machine

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Good for basic use


I purchased this machine about 6 years ago as my first sewing machine. I had only used a very old Sear's machine in the past, which had been passed down by my grandmother. I was thrilled with how easy this is to set up & run. At first I used it solely with scrapbooking purposes, sewing mostly on paper. It handled that task very well. After it sat unused for a few years, I've recently pulled it out again and am using it on a regular basis. I've made blocks for my son, using felt, and it seems to only be able to sew through 2 peices of felt at a time before the needle breaks. More recently I've stuck to simple cotton fabrics and while it performs well overall, I can't get the tension right on it no matter what I try. Thankfully it's very easy to thread, because I have to do that MANY times during each project.

Kissimmee, FL


The Shark euro pro does it all!


I have needed a sewing machine for a long time and when I saw the Shark Euro pro on sale I couldn't wait to get it. I have to alter all of my husbands pants because he's a bit of a shorty and this sewing machine has no problem with sewing through multi layers of denim. It has a lot of features including buttonholes and has 28 stitching functions withy 11 built in stitches. It has no problem on other materials like cotton, silk, and even leather. I have had basic experience on a couple of older sewing machines so this machine was easy to set up and use out of the box. I love the solid metal construction and it came with a 25 year limited warranty. I use this Shark Euro Pro sewing machine a couple of times a week  and I love it! I would recommend this product to anyonewho sews whether it's for fun (quilting and such) or for someone like me who has to have a dependable machine for alterations. It sure beats paying 7.00 a garment to the local seamstress. Oh, and the Shark Euro pro comes with all the accessories you need to get you off and sewing like pro including extra machine needles and bobbins.

East Chicago, IN


Euro-Pro Shark 60 - Sewing Machine

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