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Euro-Pro Deep Fryer

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A Basic Deep Fryer


Like the title says It's a basic deep fryer, It deep fries the food without problems. This is the first time I have a bought an appliance from Euro-pro so about the company brand I did not know what to expect. Based on this purchase it didnt disappoint but it didnt wow me either. The temperture and timer setting knobs are pretty accurate but after about a year owning the product the timer broke to where it doesn't keep time nor ring. It wasnt a big deal since I can calculate the time in my own. The other complaint would be that you can only use vegetable oil in it, I would've liked to use peanut oil or maybe even canola oil to cut down on the fat intake at least.



The Euro-Pro F1045 is hot!


The Euro-Pro F1045 is a neat little deep fryer that is easy to use. Not that any deep fryer would be hard that is, but you get lots of neat gadgets on the F1045 that makes it more appealing. It has a timer on the front of the deep fryer that counts all the way up to thirty minutes. It also has a metal basket to make putting you food in, and taking your food out alot easier than with tongs. It has a thermostat to select your desired temprarture from two hundred seventy five to three hundred seventy five degrees. It's light weight and stays cool on the outside even when cooking. The timer though doesn't seem to me to be the best built one out there. After about three or four times cooking with the Euro-Pro F1045, the timer began to get stuck. I was really depending on it to let me know how long my food had been cooking. Now it has quit completely and I'm back to using a clock on the wall. If you buy a Euro-Pro F1045, I do hope you have more luck with it than me.

Ashville, AL


Euro-Pro Deep Fryer

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