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Eureka Pet Pal Bagless Vacuum

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Do Not Buy this machine


This machine has been nothing but trouble from the beginning. Lint and small paper get caught in the hose and over time gets plugged. It gets back behind it small rocks and debris. My daughter is the primary user and about every 3 months I have to "fix" it for her in order for her to try and clean her apartment. the pet brush is also worthless

Carroll iowa


Picks up hair well, but lacks in mobility


This vacuum picks up dirt and animal hair okay, but it leaves something to be desired. I absolutely hate the way the vacuum hose is designed. It makes it very difficult to clean anything with the hose. The Pet pal brush is a nice added accessory and does a great job at cleaning up animal hair where the vacuum can't go. Maneuverability Like most vacuums, it's big, bulky, heavy, and not great on steering. The vacuum hose connects to the main body in a very inconvenient manner which makes it easy to tip the vacuum over and really limits the amount of reach that you can get with the hose. Ease of Maintenance It's not too hard to clean out the dirt, just pop out the bagless dirt container and dump it into the trash. Make sure to dump slowly and directly down into the trash can though, or you'll end up with a cloud of dirt in your face. Suction Performance Suction is average, picking up most dirt with the main rotating bristles. Suction on the hose is not as powerful, and the small attachable rotating pet bristles for the hose does not work well, as it relies purely on suction for the bristles to rotate. Versatility The vacuum is pretty versatile with the array of attachments and the ability to pick up pet hair. It does better at this than most everyday vacuums. Design Like I said, the design of the vacuum hose really is the downfall of this unit. The rest is okay. Durability I haven't had any problems with durability for the several years that I've owned this vacuum. It's still in good cosmetic shape and functions well.



deceptive packaging


First let me say I would recommend this vacuum for any height carpet. I have a medium pile and I go from that to bare floor and both are handled without any problem and only require 1 pass of the vac. The only problem is no matter how heavy a scatter rug is you have to shake it out you cannot vac them they get sucked up. I am very pleased with the way it handles bird dander and dog hair. I love the self cleaning surface duster. I also like that there is a plastic "cone" over the filter to help keep it clog free and you do not have to take the whole cannister apart to empty it just release a clip on the bottom and give it a little nudge so the dirt is in your trash can not all over you.Now for the cons, It was kind of difficule to assemble because the screw heads are shallow and strip when you apply any pressure and yet they are tight and do not go in easily. Also the quick start guide and the list of whats in the box both say it comes with that duster and a tool called a power paw , there was no tool like that in the box I called them and was told no you get one tool or the other . I feel like they should say so and not put both on the list titled ***whats in the box***. all in all i am very satisfied with this vacuum for my needs.

Nottingham, MD


Pet Hair Nightmare sucked up by Eureka Pet Pal Vacuum


Got this one as another wonderful gift from the hubby. I really think the redults were meant for him because he is a major germafobe (is that how you spell that?). All right, first of all it came unassembled and missing parts but after calling customer service...the parts specifically does say come with some models, but she very graciously sen me the bare floor and the fuzzy electrified attachements for FREE!!!!! I decided to let the hubby put the two screws in and away I went. Filled the canister up with dog hair with just one rug. i am going to say it has amazing suction power and I did get a bit of a kick seeing how much hair it picked up from my two eighty pound dogs. The only downside that I would say I have found so far is emptying the bagless canister. I did figure out that the botttom just pops all the hair into the trash. getting the top back on where the filter is located was a bit of a challenge, but I think I can get the hang of it!! All in all, this is a keeper. The most fascinating was seeing all that darn dog hair! I cannot believe that I have been living with that in my rug!!!

Murfreesboro, TN


Eureka Pet Pal Bagless Vacuum

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