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Eureka Maxima Canister Vacuum

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The Eureka Maxima Canister is powerful but limited.


This vacuum is very powerful for it's size.  It's great for hardwood, tile and stairs. It is very lightweight and easy to move from room to room.  It does not have a rotating brush, however, so is not good on carpet.  It gets the surface dirt only.  The cord is VERY short and must be plugged and unplugged for every room.  It is automatic, though, and goes back into the machine with the push of a button.    I got only a little brush with mine, but called customer service and they sent out a very small crevice tool right away.  There is only a place for 1 tool to be stored on the machine, however. 





This is my 2nd  Eureka vaccum cleaner...the first one had it for over 15yrs. Gave it away...so I bought a more update one.  And I LOVE it. Great on wood floors and tiled flooring.  It is very strong for being such a little compact unit. It's has a Euro Design...modern but simple.  One of the things I really liked was the design of the wand...you can ajust the length.  It also has a two pedals..one to turn it on....other to retrieve the electric cord. Comes with a combination floor tool...by pushing the lever it ajusts to carpet or bare floors. I really believe that for the money....this vaccum is so worth every penny.

New York, NY


Lightweight and easy to use for daily cleanup.


We have two dogs and a cat and hardwood floors throughout much of our house. We also have a year old child, so cleanliness on the floor is particularly important. I'm a busy work-at-home mom, so I need something lightweight to clean up the floors very quickly and very easily every day. I'm not the most motivated person when it comes to housecleaning, so I need things that are really easy to use and allow me to get it done super fast. My husband got this little canister vac for me and even though it wasn't what I thought I needed, it ended up being perfect. It's light, long telescoping wand allows me to get under our huge sectional sofa as well as under the dining room table easily to get up dust, dog hair, crumbs and even the odd goldfish cracker. I don't even have to move the dining room chairs because the wand swivels. It's great. It's very lightweight and the wheels roll easily so I can move quickly through each area of our great room space. I can clean the kitchen, laundry room, dining room, living room, foyer, two bathrooms, the hallway and nursery in about 15 minutes. It cleans great on ceramic tile as well as the hardwood (both prefinished - gets down in the cracks and traditional wood flooring as well.) I was looking for a cordless stick vac but it turned out that this little canister is what I actually needed. The stick vac wouldn't have done everything I can do with this, like get under furniture.  It's not perfect, but I don't have many complaints. The main attachment to clean the floor is made of flimsy plastic so it might not hold up over time, but we'll see. The cord is way too short, but I should've known because I've bought other Eureka models with the same issue. It's not a deal breaker for me, but a longer cord would be nice, as I have a pretty expansive space to clean. My only other complaint is that it uses bag instead of a canister that you empty. I don't know much about canisters since this is the first I've ever owned so maybe they're all this way, not sure. It comes with a handful of replacement bags, which is nice and they're pretty inexpensive so that's not a big deal. It doesn't do a great job on carpet, but that's not what I bought it for. I still intend to use my big full-size upright vacuum for the carpeted areas. All in all it helps me get my daily floor cleaning done quickly, effieciently and effectively. I would recommend this product to someone with similar needs.

Hamilton, OH


Eureka Maxima Canister Vacuum

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