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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Eureka Boss Spin Duster LightSpeed Bagless Vacuum

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Eureka boss.


Well I think it is a terrific vacuum that works great on my carpets. I really like the fact that it has a great duster that seems to collect all the dust off my electronics and then is suctioned off so it is ready to go again. I don't like the filter becasue it fills up very quickly would like to see one that is reusable so that I could rinse it off let it dry and go again instead of paying 18 to 20 for a new one.

Talbott, TN


heavy and hard to handle


It is not self height adjusting so where you walk you have to stop and lower it. where you dont have traffic you have to stop and raise it. Its really heavy and kind of low so your back aches when you are done. The attachments and suction hose work great but the main head just never seems to be the right height. the dust brush on the side does a good Job and is easy to extend but not to collapse and it takes forever to suck the dirt off of it also it doesnt stay in the slot anything you hit it with including the cord it pops out. The vac is easy to empty and holds a lot before you have to empty it and the cord is a generous length. For the price it is NOT a good buy.

Nottingham, MD


Eureka Boss Spin Duster LightSpeed Bagless Vacuum

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