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Eureka Boss Bagged Canister Vacuum

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Eureka 6833B


We had a 9 year old Eureka old model vacuum. It was very good as in cleaning power and it was just very convenient to use. Was light enough weight to carry with ease and easy for transportation within the house, vacuumed really well, very durable and most of all it was one of those vacuum that worked well in overall any surface area. Being so old we had to get a new one and were looking for another one that had same functions. By reading the description Eureka 6833B would do the job. It was also good to see that they had additional hypo allergenic filter you can purchase to clip on. The bad thing about this vacuum was that it was much heavier than we expected and was not easy to maneuver with it. It wasn't for all surface area. It was more for carpets and rugs than mixture. It was hard to carry and vacuum the wooden stairs.

Flushing, NY


Eureka 6833B Bagged Canister Vacuum


This is a great vacuum, i listed the vacuum as average due to the fact that the quality of the plastic is very took a month for it to break...i now have it with duct tape...But i don't think that it should be acceptable, i didn't have the box were the vacuum came in so i couldnt return it...and it works it has good suction but i wish it was made out with a little better quality. If you spend 100 or more in a vacuum you expect for it to last a little longer than a month...i mean the parts no the actual vaccum or maybe they will have parts available and easy to find or maybe call and get parts but there is no phone number to call and i don't really feel like dealing with it. It's good to vacuum pet hair and all that, just not the greatest quality of materials. Next time i will spend a little more on something that will last a little longer and check the material of the accesories so they last and more important check if those accesories are available for the future in case i need them.

Ivoryton, CT


The Eureka 6833 is a welcome addition to our cleaning household!


I ordered the Eureka 6833 because I was tired of an upright and wanted a canister that had enough power, bags and would be able to clean under beds and furniture. It turned out to be wonderful! It has great suction to lift all the dog hair and fluff up the carpet. The wand is very comfortable and fits under all the furniture. The only disadvantage is that it must be plugged into every room because of its short cord.

Bethlehem, PA


Eureka Boss Bagged Canister Vacuum

3.3 3