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Essence Of Beauty
Essence of Beauty Lavender Eye Mask

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Helps me relax on restless nights


Lately I have found myself behind the computer for many hours of the day for work and a lot of home and sometimes I need a little help rejuvenating my tired poor eyes as sleep doesn't seem to be enough any more and I am restless with seeing the modem light on in my room at night. I had used a sleeping mask as a child but I wanted to try one that would help me sleep and block out the sight of lights on the other side of my bedroom door and in my room. I found the Essence of Beauty Lavender Eye Mask and I was very surprised that it actually had a Lavender scent as at first look I thought it was just describing the light purple colour it featured as lovely name for it. I love the scent of Lavender so it suited me well and the mask is light weight that it doesn't make me feel like I have pressure behind my eye lids yet secure at the same time where I don't have to worry about it sliding off my head during my sleep. It also comes with a nifty reseal-able pouch bag so I don't have to worry about the Lavender scent disappearing after several months of use and it's just convenient to have.



Did not see much result from this product


I suffer from deep dark circles under my eyes all the time, even when getting an 8 hour rest each night. It is something I inherited from my mother and so I decided to purchase the Essence of Beauty Lavender eye mask mainly because I love lavender scents. I followed the directions and applied to my eyes for several days but did not see any improvement to my dark circles. I did get a feeling of relaxation after using it and even fell asleep at one point. For someone who does not experience frequent dark circles this product would probably work great and they would see results. I have to continue the search for another product that will give me more results. But I do keep around for days that I am needing a little treat for myself. Effectiveness I felt great after using this product but did not see much improvement in the eye area. Ease of Application Very ease to use Scent Smells great, not an overwhelming lavender scent. Just what you need for relaxation on a tiring day.



Essence of Beauty Lavender Eye Mask

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