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Escort Shifter ZR3 Radar Detector

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Worth every penny!


Since purchasing the Escort Shifter I was a bit concerned about it's worth.  I drive about 50,000 miles annually and most jurisdictions that I travel through have given up radar and gone to laser. The ZR3 gives me the peace of mind that I can check my speed and, if necessary, adjust my speed before allowing myself to be clocked. For me, it has totally eliminated the fear of laser gun speed traps. The ZR3 is well made with good instructions and a straight forward installation employing plug in modules, but I suspect most will opt for professional installation as fabricating brackets and tying into the computerized electrical systems of a modern car can be intimidating. False alarms are rare but some newer BMWs and some store fronts will set it off. In summary, I look at the ZR3 as an indispensable driving aid and my second ZR3 was installed on my wife's new car by the third day of ownership.

Pittsburgh, PA


Escort Shifter ZR3 Radar Detector

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