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Escort - Radar Detector

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Average detector, but it is cordless


I decided to purchase one of these awhile back for a car I used to own who's cigarette lighter plug was not working.  Didn't feel like getting that fixed for such an old car but wanted a radar detector.  When your car is supercharged, you can't help but actually drive it hard sometimes! The unit itself had some weight to it and felt very sturdy.  The windshield mount is very simple and easy to attach and detach the detector.  However, it did not feel very sturdy and wasn't so adjustable like the V1's windshield mount. Just pop in a couple of AA batteries and you're ready to go with this thing.  I also had the Smart cord as my backup.  The cord was also nice to have for easy access to mute an alert.  Battery life was usually 2-3 months of casual use. Configuring your preferences was easy and intuitive.  Settings were clearly displayed as to what you were changing. As far as performance, I only found it to be average.  Range was adequate but not the best for K band.  Ka range and sensitivity was just ok as well.  Warning sounds were not very gradual.  It pretty much went from one beep to full alert. The unit did not give out a lot of false alarms and was the quietest detector I've used in this regard.  However, I always wondered if it was due to the sensitivity of the unit not being the best. If you must get a cordless, it's the best out there.  But it is only average in radar performance which is the most important aspect for a radar detector.

Houston, TX


Good Portable Radar


I went with the Solo 2 because it was portable and I could use it with out having a cord dangling from the unit itself.   I must say this unit works pretty well. If you have a lead foot and you like to drive fast, it's a must to have one of these  units. It saved me a few times form getting a ticket. If you are not use to using a radar detector, it might annoy you at first. The beeping sound and the false alarms can be distracting; yet, it keeps you looking around for the police. Once you spot your first police car, you know it was well worth the cost. One ticket will pay for the cost of this unit as well as save you from getting points on your drivers license. The only draw back I can see with this unit is having to always replace the two double AA batteries. However, you can buy a hard wire kit, but why? Anyone buying this would buy it because it was cordless. If you want a radar detector with out having cords having from your radar detector to your cigarette lighter outlet, this is the one to have.

Philadelphia, PA


Has a mind of its own


We purchased this radar protector to replace an earlier version of the same one. Based on the performance of the earlier one is the reason for choosing this one  again. The new did not work very long without the cord. Now you have to have it plugged in to get it to work at all. The display chooses what it will show you and it chooses what setting it it own. No outside control anymore what-so-ever. The display is either all blacl or it is lighted with no range at all. I was very disappointed after purchasing this newer one that i even inquired if we could get the old fixed and send this one back. Will be looking for a different type, maybe built-in, in the future, as soon as I get over what I paid for this one 

Collinsville, IL


Escort Solo S2 , a great detector with no strings attached.


The Escort Solo S2 has great range in all bands with the benefit of having no wires to plug in or to get tangled up or in your way. Newer models including Escorts may have more capabilities but I am satisfied that I am getting the protection I need. One important thing I found is that using the more potent lithium batteries give the S2 better range and longer life. It is well worth the money. Be careful not to mount the S2 in line with the small dots imbeded at the top of your windshield, not only do they cut sun glare but also diminish the range of your detector. Mounting is a simple as all other detectors using  suction cups to attach to the windshield. I was lucky enough to find a mounting device the attaches directly to the rearview mirror post and adapts to the standard Escort mount. This tucks the S2 neatly and snugly under the mirror and allows for a visual check each time you glance in the rearview mirror. Overall the S2 has great technology in a cordless package.

Tampa, FL


Escort - Radar Detector

3.0 4