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Equate Heat Induced Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair

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Better than Simple Shampoo?


This shampoo advertises itself as helping dry and damaged hair. For me personally, it does seem to work a little bit better than regular shampoo, leading to healthier hair. Now not everyone will see the same results, but if someone is looking for help beyond what regular shampoo can do, especially for someone with dry or damaged hair, I would recommend giving this product a try. Effectiveness This product does seem to work better than regular shampoo, and about as effectively as the equivalent alternatives on the name brand markets. So all around, I would say that it is a quite effective product. Scent This shampoo is unscented, which is perfectly fine with me. Many of the scented shampoos are much too strong and overpowering. I would rather have something unscented that gives off a mild fresh and clean scent without being overpowering and blowing everyone away when they smell it.



A definite bang for your buck


I was impressed and would recommend this product. Effectiveness I was unsure due to this product being a lower price shampoo but it did exactly what it promotes regards to helping dry and damged hair. Scent Im sure I have smelled a stronger more appealing fragrant when it comes to shampoos in my time but I was satisfied over all and did leave my hair with a nice franrance.



The only good thing about equate shampoo is that it's cheap.


I usually do not buy Equate shampoo but did one time just because it was a lot cheaper than anything else and I thought shampoo is shampoo and why pay more for some when you can get some that is cheaper. My hair is not damaged but it is now really dry which is weird because when I was younger it was really oily. The Equate Heat Induced Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair did nothing to help the dryness and was a very watery shampoo. I think it actually made my hair seem even dryer if that is even possible but that was a while ago the one bottle I got is long gone and I am not going to buy it again so for me at least it does not matter any more but for others do not look to Equate Heat Induced Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair to help your dry hair. My wife did not even want to try it she said she knew it would not help her dry hair. I wish she had said that to me before I bought it and I would have never had to go through this experience.

Suffolk, VA


Equate Heat Induced Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair

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